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  1. I have for sale a like new Red Jacket stock with 1" ace recoil pad. I bought this a while back and have changed my mind. $90 shipped, I accept paypal or postal money order.
  2. have you tried metric allen wrenches?
  3. hi...i want to set my saiga 12 like yours as far as stock goes. i can't find how you set your folding/collapsable stock up. can you please tell me where to find what i need? from internal adapter to the folder. thanks!

  4. Ive decided to go a different route with my saiga 12's stock, for sale is my Ace M4 stock folding mechanism with commercial buffer tube, end plate, and castle nut. It comes complete with mounting hardware. $85 shipped anywhere.
  5. Carolina Shooters Supply DIY trigger guard, Tromix modified tapco FCG, Tapco SAW pistol grip, Carolina Shooters Supply modified bolt hold open, Carolina Shooters Supply axis pin retaining plate, Mississippi Auto Arms internal reciever block, ACE M4 folding stock mechanism, Palmetto State Armory mil spec buffer tube, Magpul MOE stock, Surefire 10rd magazine. Future plans, Choas quad rail, hk style sights, and a barrell shroud, and some sort of vertical grip.
  6. I would need $425 shipped to your ffl, but I would rather trade.
  7. Ill trade on just about anything, just let me know what you have.
  8. Ive got a brand new never fired Saiga .410 shotgun. I traded for this and it isnt exactly what im wanting. Im looking to trade to a saiga 7.62x39 with a 16" barrel.
  9. Thanks for the heads up, I definately dont want the stock coming going forward under strong recoil.
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