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  1. its great i love it. very sturdy and hold 2 rifles 2 pistols 14 mags! the strap kinda sucks though.
  2. cz's are gorgeous aren't they! I have a p-01 and 75b!
  3. Try the voretex sparc. It comes with multiple mounting options/heights. night vision mode multiple brightness settings, or maybe a primary arms micro dot. bot are pretty durable and more than half an aimpoint! Good luck!
  4. I just got my Saiga 12 a couple weeks ago ordered my parts and with VERY much help from you guys on this forum i converted my first saiga 12! Im still waiting on my chaos tri-rail, i also plan on adding a chaos breacher, some weld on hk sights, and magpul afg. might get it duracoated to match my ar-15! Parts pictured, Promag 10rnd(100rnds only 1 stovepipe with walmart federal!!!, only because shooting with stock folded!!!) Tromix tapco trigger Carolina ss trigger guard JTE Performance Spring(SMOOTH TRIGGER) MAGPUL MOE stock ACE m4 folding mechanism Cassel nut internal stock adapt
  5. hi...i want to set my saiga 12 like yours as far as stock goes. i can't find how you set your folding/collapsable stock up. can you please tell me where to find what i need? from internal adapter to the folder. thanks!

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