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  1. big thanks to brian @ dinzag arms, got all my parts and went to work and just finished her up. everything fit fine except the safety lever, had to grind a little off the tab on the lever after that all went well. took it outside ran 10rds as fast as i could rip em off not one fail......perfect!!!! next is the guide, that is first thing in the am. anybody that has doubts about doing this should just go ahead and try it, really a very simple process anyone can do it!! well here she is with houge and tapco furniture.....
  2. anyone ever use the type of bolts (with loctite) from the bolt on trigger guard to plug the old pin holes? will they pose any problems with the conversion, don't think it would look too bad and be alot more permanent than the nylon plugs. anyone????
  3. thanks guys for response, the dremel just made short work of it.
  4. the pin that holds the front of the (factory) forearm secure what do you do with it.....drive it out or dremel flush? first conversion going on here......just wondering what the norm is on making this pin history. TIA
  5. new guy here....just picked up a 5.45 today, had the same etching on the receiver with the TGI name also.
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