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  1. I'm selling my "Basically New" HK45 compact. I bought this new about a year ago and have taken it to the range 2 times. Less than 100 rounds through it! I'm moving overseas for work so I have to sell. Comes with everything a new gun comes with (Case, Manual, 2 magazines, etc). $800 firm - if you pay my asking price i'll throw in a bunch of 45 ammo. Located in Schaumburg, IL (30mi west of Chicago) Pickup preferred. 847.287.5525 -Ryan
  2. Good to be prepared, fine... but wouldn't you judge someone that prepared for a Mars invasion by buying as much tin foil as they could afford and spreading it all over their property? What's different from their arguement and yours...? It's the likelyhood of that happening. There's a 99.999% chance people your age are going to be able to retire at some point in their lives.. a 0.0001% chance of a long-term SHTF situation happening.. a 0.00000000001% chance of aliens from mars taking over. Do we prepare for all of these equally, or do we put our financial situation first because it's much m
  3. First off, this posting isn’t meant to be a troll.. I’m a big fan of this site and read here daily. One thing I don’t understand is the whole SHTF, prepper crowd. There are a lot of people living paycheck to paycheck and spending what extra money they do have on preparation, not to mention their time. I’m not talking about having some cans of food and water in their basement in case of a short-term disaster in their area.. I’m talking about an all-out lifestyle change that revolves around being prepared for when the end of the world comes – devoting any extra money they have to medical kit
  4. Good info, Shooter - thanks! It looks like I have more looking around to do...
  5. I'm starting to wonder if there is no "right" answer to this.. For one, many people here have said that buying parts seperately will save you a lot of money. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place, but I put together an AR from Spikes Tactical website and to get even close to what the Daniel Defense M4 V5 has I'd have to spend the same amount of money. $1250 out the door is what I can get the DDM4 V5 for. Maybe someone can give me an example of a rifle that has at least close to the same specs at the DD but is significantly less expensive.
  6. ok so there are a lot of responses saying to buy the lower/upper seperately so I'm trying to compare buying Spikes Tactical lower/upper to buying a Daniel Defense complete rifle. Here's what I came up with... Lower: $364 http://www.spikestactical.com/new/z/spider-bullet-lower-w-standard-kit-black-ctr-stock-moe-grip-p-590.html Upper: $758 http://www.spikestactical.com/new/z/upper-556-16-mid-le-w12-bar-rail-p-684.html Total: $1152 Is anything else needed for the completed gun besides what is listed above? I guess a magazine but those are cheap. Then I'd have to pay the $30 FFL fee
  7. Also it looks like Daniel Defense is having trouble keeping up with the demand - everyone is sold out! Found 1 place that does have them in stock though.
  8. I've been looking for an AR for a long time and have finally narrowed it down to (3) rifles.. which should I get? Which would you go with? The main purpose of this rifle is range fun, HD or SHTF maybe, and just to have fun with. 1) Daniel Defense M4 V5 - $1366 2) Ruger SR556 (piston version) $1400 3) Rock River Arms Operator 2 Tactical on sale on their website for $1000 I want something that's going to last me a long time and shoot well. Please put the above (3) rifles in order of which you would go with considering the price of each. Thanks, Ryan
  9. Yeah the gov of Chicago recently proposed a bill that everyone in the STATE (not just Chicago) has to pay a tax on every registered firearm owned. His reasoning is that they want to "reverify" every 5 years that people still have thier firearms. Also the bill stated that if you have your gun (even in a case on the way to the range) and dont have your paperwork for the gun you can be charged with a FELONY! You guys are fighting for open carry and details about NFA - here we fight to just HAVE guns. You've probably heard about most of this, but until recently there was a handgun ban in Ch
  10. Nobody.. I mean Nobody has it as bad as we do in ILLINOIS especially in Cook County (Chicago and everywhere within 30-40 miles of it). No CC or OC at all in this state. No NFA of any type, no "assault weapons" which includes any magazine fed shotguns and any fun rifle like AR etc.. no magazines over 10 rounds, and the list goes on... Cook County has the worst gun laws of any other place in the nation, period. On top of all of that, if you live in Chicago you have to take a class to own guns and pay an extra tax every year for each gun you own so that big brother can confirm you still have
  11. I have been pretty dead set on buying a nice handgun and then decided an HK45 compact with night sights is the way to go. I am now ready to purchase, but am having second thoughts and am starting to think I might want a Daniel Defense M4. I sold a few guns and right now I only have a Springfield XD(m) .45. If I bought the HK45c I'd probably sell the Springfield. If I buy an AR I'd probably keep the springfield. Thoughts? Both guns are generally just for the range. The HK would replace my springfield for nightstand duty. Also I live in IL so no concealed carry yet..
  12. The real reason I want to stick with 45 is because girls are impressed by it. haha actually I enjoy shooting 45's, I think they have more stopping power than 9mm (arguable I guess), and I have the dies for a dillan reloader that I just started using. I'm headed to the local gunstore tonight to hold an HK again. Based on the fail pictures above I probably should go with a Sig...? Almost everything I hear about the HK is positive.
  13. uh oh - hope I didn't open a can of worms with the 9mm comments. I'm more focused on .45acp comparison anyways.
  14. Assuming the price wasn't an issue, would you rather an HK 45 or Springfield XD(m) 45? Assume you have to keep them and use them. I currently have the XD(m) but am considering switching to an HK. I tried Glock but didn't like the feel. I thought about getting a 9mm but I dont really get excited about 9mm handguns for some reason. I feel like if I have a 45 and can afford lots of ammo there's no strong argument for 9mm. Thoughts? I would rather have 1 really nice gun than 5 mediocre guns of different calibers.
  15. A friend of mine has the Colt Delta Elite and I was hoping to get something a little nicer than his. Also I do plan on shooting it a fair amount, so it's not strictly an investment gun.
  16. I'm considering buying a high-end 1911. I'd like to get it to use, but also to pass on to my kid when he gets older. Is it worth it to buy a high-end custom 1911 from Les Baer, Ed Brown, or Wilson Combat for these purposes? They're $1900-$2400 for the ones I was checking out. My question is, will these at least HOLD their value? From what I can tell the main reason they're so expensive is the super tight tollerances and craftsmanship/milling/handwork. If these processes get better or more efficient in the next 20-30 years, will the value of my 1911 that I buy today go down? Am I better
  17. I've gotten a lot of PM's asking if I'll part it out.. sorry guys I'm not willing to part it out it has to go as a package deal.
  18. I've decided to sell my Saiga 12 shotgun in order to have cash for other things in my life. This sale is for my Saiga 12 shotgun as shown in the pictures. Everything in the pictures come with the gun (Case, (2) 10-round mags, MD20 drum). This gun is perfect. I purchased this about a year ago brand new from PFI who did all of the conversion work and opening gas ports for cycling the cheap stuff. This will fire Federal bulk birdshot all day long. I still have reciepts from PFI showing the work he did for me which totaled about $1000. Other modifications I have done to this are: Magp
  19. oh sure - When I post that people are paranoid and preparing for nothing I'm met with tons of resistance.. but you post this and everyone agrees! I'm with you we could do without all of the doom and gloom.
  20. If a 1911, which one? What is going to last for a long time if kept well and also be a good looking, fun to shoot, acurrate gun? I keep hearing good things about Les Baers but to be honest I think the wood grip looks fugly. I really like the look of 1911's but the wood grip kills the look to me. I know this is something that can be changed out, but it seems like when you buy a les baers you would want to keep it in the original configuration..? I'm mostly talking out of my ass since I dont know a ton about 1911's.
  21. I'm debating what my next purchase should be.. I'll have about $1000 to spend and I'd like to get a handgun that I can hang on to for a long time and end up passing it down to my son when he grows up. It will be something that I shoot as well, but I like the idea of having something really nice to give him at some point. I'm looking at: 1) A $1000 1911 that I might even add to as time goes on. 2) A S&W 500 handgun.. It'd be cool to tell him it's the most powerful production gun made 3) An H&K .45 handgun. I haven't personally shot one of these but it's a high end .45 that I consi
  22. Is the baseball bat so you can lie to her about your small peepee when the lights are out? I'll agree shes NOT attractive.
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