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  1. I have a PK-01V on my 7.62x39 AK, it works well and while the dot is pretty small, the brightness can be turned up and it works great out to about a 100 yards (my eyes are getting old, so after a 100 yards, I need magnification). I don't know your budget, but this optic is designed for the 5.45x39 round: http://www.npzoptics.com/catalog/day_sights/kashtan_1/ TXZen has a good write up about it here: http://russianoptics.net/1P78Kashtan.html
  2. That is a nice shooting rifle sir, and it looks cool as hell on top of that.
  3. Here is my 1943 Sauer and Sons, with a 1942/43 style scope mount and a Leupold 3 x 9 scope (sorry, couldn't afford a real German scope for it). It shots great.
  4. unclejake, great looking gun with the wood grips.
  5. Very nice conversion, the blueing looks great.
  6. Very nice looking. I have the RPG sight on my 5.45, I like it a lot. Havent invested in night sights yet. My 5.45 is without a doubt the funniest gun that I own, hope yours is as well.
  7. My Stg2000 has been a great gun, magwell fit is sloppy, but it has always worked and is fairly accurate for a 7.62x39. A friend of my has one and it was crap -- Front sight block was canted, mag fit was worse than on my gun, gas tube was loose, and it printed a 39" group at 50 yards. I have heard their guns are getting better, but I dont have the money to test that statement.
  8. If you go with the Duracoat, make sure you let the finish harden for a couple of weeks. I didnt wait and I now have scratches on my gun. I can touch it up, not that big a deal, but it is a little frustrating. I have finished my 5.45 and my .308 and have had great luck with the finish.
  9. Jaba, that is a nice looking conversion.
  10. Great post, well thought out by having a control piece of metal in the test. Welcome to the forums.
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