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  1. The mag is a Tapco AK 74 30 round mag from Carolina Shooters Supply. Works well once you install the bullet guide. The flash hider is a DPH Arms birdcage and a crush washer.
  2. Actually shot it today. I was testing a steel ballistic plate for my department and was the only one with a rifle in 5.45x39. Just with the 10 round magazine though, because I'm still waiting on the bullet guide. This is my third Bushnell and for the money they are great. Oh the plate stood up to the 5.45 with no problem. Next on the list might be some Magpul FDE Cerakote
  3. Thanks. Got a Midwest Industries rail and a Bushnell TRS 25 in the mail today. The mount is very tight and low to the Reciever. I liking it.
  4. I purchased a Vepr II from CenterFire systems. Then I started with a DPH internal Reciever block for wood stocks and a CSS collapsible stock. After about 90 minutes with a file it looked like this A coat of paint to make it black again And this is what I ended up with Still waiting on the bullet guide. My next project.
  5. The DPH worked really well with my M4 collapsible stock set up. I imagine it would work even better for a work or polymer stock.
  6. My contribution to this thread. My beautiful lady
  7. Spoke to Matt lat night. Said they were über busy and was hoping to have this batch of gun turned out in about 3 weeks. Can't wait, Matt's a hell of a nice guy.
  8. Hahaha. If it comes back functioning perfect it can be pink for all I care. Ok maybe not pink. Ha. I'll give you a call tomorrow. On a side note. I met a Harry Schumer with Cape Girardeau FD said he thought he might know you.
  9. Did mine make it into that batch, or is she stilled sealed up in the box. Haha
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