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  1. Anybody know when these are coming back?
  2. Anyone contacted the guy modding the DTM mags? Will a PSL mag rock into a VEPR with modification? Hell, this could be done, conceivably, off an SVD mag as well.
  3. Which receiver block would work best for this? DPH?
  4. I heard if you pull the buttstock off, it is setup to run standard AK pistol grips? Is this correct?
  5. Anyone have a link to the install procedures for a bullet guide? Are these round or flat trunnion? I know Dinzag has the parts, but how much is involved otherwise? Could I do this with a benchvise and corded drill?
  6. Do these need the bullet guide to run the beryl mags? Did you have to mod the mags any for those?
  7. I think I'll just go with the standard configuration. Thanks!
  8. Obviously the longer sight radius is desirable on these, but if you're running a 16 in VEPR, is there a negative to having the integral sights? Fewer handguard options? Was going to get one of the integral sighted 16 inch from centerfire, and maybe put an ultimak handguard on later down the road. Would this work?
  9. Thanks all for the comments. I'll just look for a well priced base vepr then. Anyone have them on sale?
  10. This one: http://www.atlanticfirearms.com/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&view=productdetails&virtuemart_product_id=1587&virtuemart_category_id=23 Anyone ordered/have one yet? I wonder what stock adapter is installed on it. Standard AKM handguards/rails? Compliant trigger? Guess I should be asking Atlantic. Looks like a sweet package for the price.
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