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  1. If you use a punch slightly smaller than the original hole you drilled you can break up the broken tap and push the pieces through the trunnion so you can try again. I have done this several times in particular using the 6-32 tap. I have changed my ways and use a larger tap/screw combo and modify the bullet guide to accept the larger screw.
  2. MindRiot

    Molot mags

    Actually it would restrict the shotgun from being imported if the 8rd magazines were allowed to come into the country. If someone else did it that would be a gray area if we did it it would be black white and red ink all over our permit
  3. MindRiot

    Molot mags

    http://www.atf.gov/firearms/guides/standard-restriction-stamps-for-import-permits.html On the form 6 used for importing shotguns 20. Note: This permit does not authorize the importation of a shotgun with a barrel of less than 18 inches in length or an overall length of less than 26 inches. This permit also does not authorize the importation of a shotgun having a magazine capacity of more than 5 cartridges. Further, this permit does not authorize the importation of a shotgun regardless of barrel length and overall length if the shotgun is equipped with a detachable folding shoulder stoc
  4. MindRiot

    thumb safety?

    They do not have the ambi safety
  5. 1k total ya'll be there or be square, if you don't get one of these now you could be waiting a looooong time for more, as in years. If you buy one now and don't like it you can always sell it for a huge profit if O'Bama gets re-elected or just a little profit if Romney gets the job. 15% of the US are multiple gun owners 370 million x .15 is ~5.5 million folks that own more than one firearm, that's alot of potential buyers out there, and outside of a few forums no one is advertising these yet. You guys were the first to know and will probably be the lucky ones as the rest of the population find
  6. I'll check with our machinist and see what we can sell the modified trigger set for. We're not set up for direct sales, no way to take CC or personal checks, but I may have a way around that.
  7. Look at the hammer very closely. The Vepr hammer has a large cut out to clear the cross pin that the G2 doesn't have. You either have to do a lot of dremel work or have a friend with a mill.
  8. Any idea you can share as to what configuration you are going to be offering them? More than likely as is in the picture
  9. Ours will be coming with no slant cut, I repeat, no slant cut receiver on the Molot Vepr-12's. That is all
  10. SGM tactical has a bolt on lower and I've successfully trimmed out some plastic lowers without heat shields
  11. They're not here, but they're on the way
  12. I have never had a issue from SGM magazines. Why not contact SGM and see if they would swap the mag out before doing all the crazy stuff to the mag? They have like a year or three year warranty.
  13. Is it going to happen? I thought a bridge issue was still causing issues. It was cancelled in spring because of it.
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