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  1. hdskumm, the Gas block you mentioned did you mean gas chamber? That bolt on HG retainer is the one I'll get since it's a drop in without pressing or fitting. If I did have to file the gas tube what is it you file? But I may not need to since the K-var one worked without modification. Most of the time where you have to file is on the bottom where it seats in. Some gas tubes are more oval shaped and they may need to be a liitle more V shaped.
  2. will these work on veprs that already have a bullet guide? MSRP?
  3. I broke 2 taps in my 7.62x39 vepr. Like the others I have done a couple saiga's and they were a brezze but the vepr was another story. Glad Im not the only one that had problems. Took about 2 hours to complete. Welding sounds like the way to go!
  4. Looks good, what is the price range?
  5. looked at a shotgun news today and saw a pic of a vepr stock. can you give us any details and more pics? looked around and nobody is selling them. When will they be on the market?
  6. if they will work in a standard ak or vepr, I would be willing to take it off your hands, I have an extra safety to swap or will buy it. Will the vepr 12 safeties work in stadnard ak?
  7. How did you use a sling swivel? Did you ma Measure to end of gas block and cut. Remove leaf spring/bipod piece on front lower. Measure gas block/swivel point and drill hole. JB weld as filler to front and spring/bipod recess. Sand and refinish with Alumahyde 2. Thats it. The HG will slide on and back and lock in with no further mod like it was made for this gun. How did you make the sling swivel? Did you make your own, or re-tap the hole, as it's a metric screw and I cannot find any metric sling swivels??
  8. I like the new Molot original AK enhanced safety lever on the vepr 12. Are these safeties the same size as standard AK's? I would like to put one on my 7.62x39 Vepr!
  9. I'm sure the above will happen, but will it have a standard front end without having to buy a bolt on retainer??
  10. wierd sks version, with the carbon fiber looking stock. cool video,
  11. I like the improved/ tatical safety. Looks to have an extra piece added. I like it!
  12. None of these seem to have any of the RPK style bulged receivers. If they are made by Molot, wonder if they still have the heavy 1.5mm receiver?
  13. awesome job, keep us posted! Price?
  14. I wish someone would have told me that I should have used the 20 gauge, had to do a lot of trimming on the 7.62x39 tri rail, and not real happy with how it fits. Where the front hand guard bolts on, it sits lower than the barrel and had to trim out a lot to make it fit level and it's still not prefect. Does the 20 gauge not have the support rib that sticks up on the inside running down the middle? Yes standard hand guards are not drop in, but wood hand guards will fit with a little sanding on the inside to fit the thicker barrel
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