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  1. Can you do a Galil style vertical left side charging handle?
  2. CAGLS

    SGM Vepr 12 Magazines

    Went to the range yesterday with 2 8rd ccspec and 2 SGM 10rd mags. The SGM mags consistently had FTF, stovepipes while the ccspec mags performed flawlessly. The feed angle on the SGMs have a steeper angle and would hang up when the shell tried to enter the chamber. Also the top shell sits higher causing more drag against the bolt which is causing the FTF and stovepipes. Update: Got to the bottom of the problem today. With the gun empty and all live ammo put away, I took a 12 guage snap cap and loaded it into one of the SGM mags. With the top cover open I observed the BHO lever front section where point is bent downward that sits into the rear of the mag body. The point was catching on the metal rim of the shells when I inserted a loaded mag which in turn pushed the rear part of the shell down. This also tilted the front end up causing the steep feeding angle which in turned caused the FTFs and stovepipes. In the SGM, the shell sits farther back in the magazine body. With the ccspec mags the shells sat farther forward so it cleared the point of BHO lever with no problem. The simple fix was to tap that bent portion further back towards the rear of the magwell so it clears the shell's rim when using the SGM mags. At first I tapped it a tiny bit too far where the bolt would seize and couldn't be racked back so I tapped it a tiny bit forward and found the happy medium. I'll report back after I function test the gun with the SGM mags. BTW I also notched the top of the mags to clear those two rivets on both inner sides of the magwell.
  3. So I'm in for when Legion has the railed Vepr 12 lower hand guard and Kvar lower retainer combo available in Dec. for $75. That Zenitco buttstock looks wicked.
  4. Thanks ordered one from Atlantic firearms.
  5. Your making me want to get that pistol version. Picked up my SAM-7R today and had to do a bit of filing to get the surplus laminate furniture to fit, pre drilled holes for the screws so it doesn't split the wood. The Polish surplus bayonet doesn't click in the lug so I'll have to file the tab so it catches. The lever to loosen the top hand guard front bracket bent from trying lock it back. I'm not able to lock it back in fear the lever will snap (update: I needed to file the front of the upper hand guard and now the lever can be pushed down to lock in place). I used Pauly's technique to stain the wood but instead of applying the poly coat I layered it with tung oil.: The sun light brings out the colors better in the pic.
  6. Anyone know if I can use surplus AK mags without installing a bullet guide?
  7. I ended up getting a Polish laminated stock set from RTG and also some bakelite furniture from AA-ok. What should I apply for the finish, shellack? I want the Polish laminate butt stock to match the bakelite.
  8. It was a matter of timing. I just sold the IZ132 (in the pic above) I converted for $1100, but purchased used at a higher panic price of $800 in stock sporter config. Never got to shoot it.
  9. CAGLS

    What stock?

    Where'd you buy it? Wanna sell it to me, just secured a SAM7r. You could buy the similar stock for a stamped receiver from AA-ok.com Pm'd you. Here's the stock I bought from AA-ok on my Saiga conversion I just sold:
  10. Atlanticfirearms.com has more in stock right now for $1299. My LGS's have them for $1499. I do want to change the furniture to a more traditional look like bake lite upper/lower hand guard and pistol grip. As far as the stock I have to find one compatible to milled receivers, anyone know where I can buy this? For the stock it seems it would need the cut out at the top and bottom for the dual tangs, right? I'm curious to any performance improvements with the double hook trigger as opposed to single hook. Also for the look I want to buy a bayonet but the lug on this rifle isn't on the sight block, but located in the middle on what looks like a cleaning rod support. So it looks like I need to find a proprietary bayonet to this rifle. What's the real difference between the classic and this SAM7r besides the furniture?
  11. Thank you for your response. So out of the ones I've listed either Bulgarian gas tube should work? Did you buy yours from K-Var?
  12. Still need help on which gas tube will work, other than the Russian one from K-Var since its oos.
  13. I just did this on my IZ-132. The original FSB has four dimples holding the FSB to the barrel, two on each side. Drill out the dimples but only the depth of the FSB metal slowly trying to keep watch so you don't go into the barrel. After that use a rubber mallet and hit the front sight towards the muzzle. After repeated blows it should slide and fall off. Some tutorials suggest to dremel a cut along the dimples throughout the length of each side of the FSB but you may cut into the barrel if your not careful. I don't see the need to cut the sides. Once you drill out the dimples there really isn't anything holding the FSB to the barrel. I used a Bulgarian FSB with the integrated 24mm threaded end and bayonet lug. Just place it on the barrel maybe marking the barrel and FSB top dead center to align them together when installing the FSB to the barrel. I used a rubber mallet to start while trying to keep the marks aligned and hitting what ever side to get it back aligned. Once the rubber mallet blows couldn't get it further down the barrel I used a regular hammer directly applying blows to the end of the FSB till it was flush with the barrel muzzle. If you want you can buy the pins from K-Var and drill out the new FSB after it's been installed on the barrel to drive the pins in the retaining holes. Be sure not to use too large of a drill bit.
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