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  1. Magazine for saiga 7. 62x39 50/60 rounds. https://www.facebook.com/pufgun.ru/posts/459631787765261
  2. Hello everyone! I have a rifle AR 15 (Vepr-15) Please help find Timney trigger spring kit for the AR 15 I would be very grateful for the link to the store where you can buy these springs.
  3. Sergii

    Molot magwell

    Yes, the manufacturer Molot.Designed for the sport. When you install may require adjustment. This steel, but there are also made ​​of aluminum.
  4. Very true, this is the second reason why this large rivets.
  5. Rivet prevents excessive movement of the bolt up. This reduces the chance of breakage bolt carrier.
  6. The front rivet must be longer than the other rivets. Velocity of the bolt carrier, it does not reduce.
  7. Cobra is very long, from this problem. EOTeh series XPS, Docter Barris, etc. - no problems.
  8. Here in Russia we do not use the Cobra.Any sight to put closer to the eye, otherwise there will be problems. This is well known.In the video, visible path departure sleeve http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=GJ8AF3kk2oE In the photo shown by the arrow marks of departing liners Sorry for my english
  9. It was a joke. We have long been a rivalry Saiga vs Vepr
  10. Saiga-12 vs Vepr-12 Vepr-12 winner!
  11. Spring, but the weather in the winter
  12. Yes, that's right. Your information is correct. There is another model. VPO-205-04 with the barrel 483mm (19 ")
  13. IPSC - Russian Autumn 2012 IPSC - Russian Winter 2013
  14. http://youtu.be/l0ISzQo4aYE By product https://www.facebook.com/alexandr.zalichev
  15. Here is a description with pictures http://sergii-guns-ru.livejournal.com/113665.html
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