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  1. That Kenyan bastard is a commie. He stacked the courts and military with commies. This is all coming to light now as the commie roaches are being exposed after attempting a coup on a sitting president. The MSM is also 99% commie and are spinning the failed coup as a nothing burger. We all know how this would be dealt with else where. That’s how it needs to be dealt with here and the commie judges need to be among the first to go. The commies are counting on the decades of law abiding citizens of doing nothing while they wipe their asses with the Constitution. Remember the deluge of crimes th
  2. Might want to watch this..... https://www.full30.com/video/689fc569542ab8ef0707955a0af9b9b2
  3. I know it's a Texas thang but you really have to do the Chicken fried steak thing with venison. Absolutely out of this world and IMO better than beef, which is generally round steak. My wife knocks it out of the park.
  4. Resurrected thread but I went with this for a mini :
  5. I did models, aircraft and rockets years ago and always enjoyed it. I found the Hasegawa kits to be some of the very best. The Monogram kits back in the day were also pretty good. I learned many techniques like a bit of isopropyl alcohol in h20 and a moist Kleenex to apply to decals that take all the ridges of the model and make them look like they are painted, weathering techniques using India ink and many others but it's like guns and before you know it you have a lot. A friend owned a hobby shop and had a butload of models from the 50-60s that gave them to my brother and me. Many remain i
  6. No, no and F no. Stay in your state and tell these shit heads to FOAD. Your state sucks because you have let these turds get away with this and leaving isn't going to accomplish shit. Whatever you do don't come to Texas. We are full.
  7. F*ck soros with a rusty jagged swastika. This POS is what's evil. As for his comment about a class warfare. The 1% in this country are the corrupt scum which are three branches of this joke of a banana republic govt. Personally I would have zero issue with all of them resigning immediately or well...... Let them eat cake, if you follow me.
  8. You all know barry is going to pardon her as well as that other POS Ray Nagin, right?
  9. Right on!I'm sorry but Eve was the one clearly deceived by Lucifer not Adam. Ever wonder why ole scratch picked her? It was only Adams love for Eve that he chose her over the Almighty. We, humanity has been paying for that ever since. Hindsight is 20/20 but it I could have been Adam.........
  10. .....She is now Vegan .........I knew it! Was going to state that in the initial post as I figured she was. Let me go out a limb, a democrat, supports hitlerly/ sanders, hates Trump, believes in global warming, guns are bad, drives a Prius, supports killing babies, PETA member. I have a distant relative, not blood, like that and they are persona non grata to me. Got no room in my life for mentally disturbed people that I cannot trust.
  11. Reading this I was thinking no, it is " thou shall not murder.... but you got that covered. Here are a few more passages that you should lay on her. Psalm 82:4 Rescue the weak and needy; Deliver them out of the hand of the wicked. Consider also Proverbs 24:11, which indicates we have a duty to preserve the lives of those who are harming themselves: Proverbs 24:11 Deliver those who are drawn toward death, And hold back those stumbling to the slaughter. Ezekiel 33 is a well-known passage: Ezekiel 33 "... 6 'But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpe
  12. She, like all transplant assholes that come here because they left their commie ass countries because they couldn't make it there can FOAD!!! Go back to your socialist shithole and you can be just as unfunny there as you are here and we want no part of your f*vked up commie agenda that made you leave your home shithole to begin with. So have a shitty day/ life and I'll keep any gun no matter how scary it is to your feels.
  13. So now it seems the shooter was a homo as many surmised as well as a demoncrat. So let's see, Barry is a mudslime homo and hitlery a dike and its white Christian gun owners to blame, yeah that makes sense. Just one more glaring example out of millions that liberal, progressive, democrats are mentally ill and the REAL enemy of this country. These people are dangerous and now have proven again, as with almost all 21 mass shooting since this faggot took office that democrats will kill innocent people that disagree with them. This is almost as bad/ insane as that evil bitch hitlerly talking
  14. Frazier, Foreman were better boxers and he didn't even come close to Joe Louis. Ali was a loud mouthed, anti American, commie Muslim chickenshit draft dodger..........nothing more.
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