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  1. I have homebrewed about a dozen batches of beer and a couple of meads. The most important thing is to do a really good job of sanitizing the equipment. After a couple batches the basic equipment pays for itself. The beer kits available do make some really great beers. I have an older versuon of this startup kit and buy all my beer kits from them also: http://www.midwestsupplies.com/platinum-pro-beer-brewing-starter-kit.html
  2. en93nsx

    Micro Draco Handguard

    I picked up a micro draco and like it other than the handguard. I've searched and found no aftermarket handguard for the micro. Ronin's grips makes one for the C39 but says it doesn't fit the micro draco. Does anyone have a solution for something better than the odd wood forearm?
  3. Rob, So sorry for your loss. We said goodbye to our old man dog Casey a month ago. It has been a little easier each day, but I still find myself missing him deeply. Dogs are so much cooler than people. "If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went." ~ Will Rogers
  4. en93nsx

    Left Hand Saiga 12?

    Both my Dad and I are lefties and shoot Saiga s12's and rifles without any problems. Did your friend get hit by empties as he was shooting?
  5. I just received an email with a tracking number, can't wait to mount this on my rifle!!
  6. I am a lefty and learned to shoot from my Dad who is also a lefty and my Grandpas who were boyh righties. I am left eye dominant and my dad is right eye dominant. With all those combinations I got to see many different ways to opetate the firearms. I personally believe that most right handed guns are easier to operate for a lefty as you can keep your trigger finger in the ready position while operating the bolt, safety, etc. As patriot said the only disadvantage is a right ejecting bullpup ( never shot one because of this) As far as age goes I would say as early as hr shows interest and you are comfortable. One of my earliest memoried is shooting a pellet gun in the backyard with my Grandpa and Dad. Have fun, you'll both enjoy it!!
  7. Hopefully this guy has gotten his, if not it is bound to happen.
  8. I don't want to hijack the thread but, Where can one purchase a bull pup kit?
  9. en93nsx

    2 New AR Style Handguards

    Greg, Do you think you will have anything like this for a 7.62 rifle in the future?
  10. en93nsx

    UTVs / ATVs

    I have used both a Ranger 700 and a RZR 800. Tthe ranger is much better for utilitarian tasks, whereas the RZR is a blast on trails and goofing around.
  11. Did you guys read the caption around the picture of the tire? I would love to have a tire that still has tread and no signs of aging after 20 years. It makes one wonder what other types of technology have been engineered and then put on the backburner because they were simply too ( efficient, reliable, etc). With our Saiga's the innovators are all on this site!
  12. I was at the DPMS Zombie Shoot this last weekend and a company called Lucid had a booth there. They make a red-dot that has 4 different reticles an autobrightness feature and 2x power magnifier. The founder of the company was at the booth and was a real nice guy. He offers a lifetime warranty. I think they were just over $200. My dad bought one to use on his x39 and S12.
  13. en93nsx

    Chaos $50.00 Porkypine

    This an really cool product and the craftsmanship/design is amazing. I don't think this could actually be mad for $50. Cameron, thanks for a great deal!!! Even the shipping was less: I was charged 5 bucks for shipping and the stamp said $5.05!! Now my S12 is complete for the zombie hunt next weekend at the DPMS Omega Outbreak 3!
  14. en93nsx

    DPMS Zombie Shoot

    Racer 27, I think as the event gets closer they post up more info. For shotgun it is birdshot only, Wolf is fine for the ARs. Last year they had steel at the shotgun stages and paper zombie targets at the rifle and handgun rounds. I did see people with carts for their gear, but plenty of folks were just carrying their weapons on slings or holstered( it is a cold range and they require chamber flags). Plenty of guys had Molle vests to hold all their mags and stuff. Last year it was only a one day event and they had a prize drawing a 5-6:30 and like I said I didn't see anyone walk away empty handed( 500 participants). This year with the camping available I'm sure they will have some things planned for the night. I was talking to a DPMS sales rep at an NRA dinner this summer about this years event and he said they have a whole bunch of fun stuff planned (zombie bonfire). Like I said they will post more info as the date gets closer.