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  1. Just wondering if anyone had one of these? https://www.gilbertsguns.com/store/products...bbcb08ddd4f6901 If so how do you like it and were did you get it? thanks
  2. What number are ya'll on ? just wondering?
  3. UM if #110 got his that means i'm like 80 away YEAH lol
  4. Here is mine! YES, IT NEED MORE 922 PARTS (I KNOW) got a gas piston on order, then gunna so the red star trigger (with moving the PG) setup, and the 20 rounder will help
  5. I think you just wait and let them get the orders out w/o all this where i'm i on the list crap, you may get the mag alittle quicker? if you wait 3 months or more what is another 1 or 2 weeks?
  6. The cloeset group i have had is 5 within a quater at 100 yrds with my 16" barrel, But that was on a lock down bench.
  7. Did ya'll get emails about them being shipped or were they a suprise? I hope its a suprise! lol
  8. It's easy i'll do a how-to lol 1.) Follower in mag 2.) spring in mag and compress 3.) base plate just kidding, i really don't care, what ever is better (more cost efffective) for ya'll
  9. i want to say that is a vepr b/c of the mag
  10. this push pin would be the two little dimples straight across from each other
  11. Anybody know the length? Tapco offers a 6.25 and a 5.25? Also on install all i have to do i drill out the demple correct?
  12. I need to find a S-308 handguard. It can be vented or not. Really all that needs to be good are the rear tab and the front reciever slot (where it hooks in). And straight of course. Let meknow if you can help me out. ANd if you have on the price. I might need more than one for this project
  13. Man this whole update thing is driving me nuts! because now i just want it more!
  14. --> QUOTE(G O B @ Aug 13 2006, 06:47 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Take no risk and live as safely as you possibally can, when you are old and have no stories to tell your grandchildren- They can come over to one of the rest of houses and listen to OUR stories. When you take no risk you are living--NOT ALIVE! AIN'T that the truth lol!
  15. So....LOL..... 14 - 3 = 11 then minus one more like an ACE stock w/ PG makes it legal!
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