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  1. Slugger

    Handguard retainer swap

    Planning on upgrading my handguard retainer from the 2nd gen Saiga-AK to the standard flip lever type. Is this possible after fitting the barrel for the previous type? Or is the locking cam in the same position over the barrel? I plan to do this to both a 223 build as well as a 5.45 build. I've got the Bulgy sight blocks already but plan on finding a couple gas blocks and retainers as well if this will work. Would probably cost too much to have the existing fitted grooves welded up. What do you guys think?
  2. Slugger

    circle 10 mags will not lock in saiga

    I've installed a bullet guide in my (I think 09?) D9168xxx 5.56. Galil steel mags hand cycle now but every once in a while I'll get a bullet pushed back into the case. Not sure if this is why they mention the champher on the chamber's lower edge? This MUST be resolved prior to firing. Slugger
  3. Items arrived quickly and look great. Good coms as well Thanks much, Slugger
  4. I'll take these: 2) 14x1 lh brakes(package) rated up to 7.62mm - us slant brake, tapco I think - us made Thanks Slugger
  5. Slugger

    WTB Bulgarian 5.56 black waffle mags

    Still looking for black bulgie Gen 2 waffles in 5.56 Thanks, Slugger
  6. Slugger

    Zeroing my iron sights.

    Rear sight adjustments move the direction you want to go. Front sight adjustments are opposite. If you want your POI to move down and left, you want to unscrew your front sight post and drift the barrel to the right. "Chase" your impacts . . . I like that. Easy to remember. Slugger
  7. I want to try out some of the Bulgarian black 5.56 waffle mags. Let me know what you've got, condition and price. Thanks, Doug
  8. Thank you for your interest Shandlanos! I'd really like to find a trade if at all possible first. I've got a S5.56 that I've got some Galil steels for but would like to try out the waffles as well. I'll keep you in mind though if I do end up going that way. You'll have first dibs. Slugger
  9. I've got some 7.62 Chinese 40rnd mags that I've had oiled and wrapped up since the 80s or 90s. I'd like to trade some for like condition Bulgarian black reinforced 30rnd 5.56 waffle mags. I've got these cross posted for trade. Thanks, Slugger
  10. Slugger

    Saiga 223 piston replacement?

    These are some of the problems with "americanized" weapons of the last 15yrs. The gooberment makes an unconstitutional law and instead of fighting it a company rushes in with a "fix" that is usually poor quality and not well thought out. Not all mind you but I've seen it more times than I'd like to admit. FCGs, barrels, receivers, etc. John Moses is rolling over in his grave . . . Slugger
  11. Slugger

    AK-74 front sight block...done!

    Hey Dorky D, It's always a good plan to leave yourself a backup. I've been toying with this for a while. I'm tempted to buy a slip on retainer, but if it was doable, I'd rather do the gas block and fsb so I could throw on a standard retainer. I've heard a bad report from a smith I know about how hard it was to press the parts on and off. He's done a lot of other AK, FAL and HK but said he would not do the job on a Saiga again, but I wonder if he didn't drill out the dimples first or something stupid like that. Maybe he's not as "qualified" as I thought. From what you and others have said, splitting the Saiga fsb as you would a FAL receiver stub, is the way to go for removing. If the pressing back on can be done with a mallet, that sounds promising. Now your base had existng poin holes correct? How close were you to hitting the hole on the opposite side during the drilling process? The drilling is a serious concern. I've got a press but it's a horrible frieght bench top job. I hope it's good enough but this job has me a bit freaked. I've also heard of some opening up the fit between the barrel and the pressed part. While not such an issue with a fsb, I would be concerned about a loss of gas pressure on the gas block and lining up the gas vent hole. Thanks for sharing your experience with us! Please keep us in the loop on how the windage testing goes and GOOD ON YOU for having the big brass ones to give it a whirl!! Slugger