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  1. Bought myself a Christmas present. Got a Polish P-64 with 2 mags.
  2. wtjosaas

    Affordable 5.45 under 800?

    $579 on Gunjoker rear converted
  3. Got all the parts together for my boys ARs. Gave them to them yesterday. Was a good day!!
  4. Bought another 80% lower. A billet one this time. And MORE AMMO!!!
  5. Picked up one of these for one of my sons guns. PSA 16" Mid-length Stainless 1/7 Freedom Upper And picked up a Swiss K31 for me
  6. Bought two 80% lowers. Just going to keep them around. You never know!!!
  7. I figure it's cheap entertainment on a Sat morning.
  8. Going to see what AR lowers are going for. Keeping my eyes open for a nice Swiss K31. Other than that, any ideas??
  9. Only thing I bought was 10 Ar mags for $5.99 each.
  10. Your an awesome Dad, sorry kind of fixed it for ya I will be putting these together as my oldest is in Afghanistan currently. It will be a coming home present. My other son spent two deployments in Iraq.
  11. Gonna start putting together the two AR lowers I got for my boys.