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  1. Fury at $700 http://centerfiresystems.com/fury.aspx $759 fury 2 No thanks. I'll take the real ruskie deal Wtf is the definition of catamount
  2. $110 plus ship. pls PM if interested. The ProMag Saiga 12 20-round drum magazine is constructed of high strength carbon fiber reinforced polymer. This drum will only work with 12 gauge 2-3/4" shells. The drum features steel inserts in the feed lips for long-term durability, and reliable operation. The loading lever on the back of the drum makes filling this 20-round drum magazine easy.
  3. I've been a Member Since 30 Nov 2011 I just don't post "+1" or "this^^^" or harass other members. That's why my post count is low. Keep my mouth shut and learn, unlike some others.
  4. keep replying, thanks for the bump. Hey, It's for a good cause, I need ammo.
  5. $45 each, shipped. Ebay and gb feedback available upon request. Long time member just read more and post less (no posts that say "+1")
  6. 1 mag for $50, new in wrapper BRAND NEW Pmag 30 rd MAG211 BLK, gen 2 with DUST COVER to protect feed lips (new MOE mags will no longer come with dustcovers) Highly sought after, robust, reliable. PMAGs speak for themselves. It features an impact resistant polymer construction, easy to disassemble design with a flared floorplate for positive magazine extraction, resilient stainless steel spring for corrosion resistance, and an anti-tilt, self-lubricating follower for increased reliability. Brand new mag. These include the dust cover which protects the feed lips, which Magpul WILL NO
  7. New in wrapper SGM Vepr 12 magazine. pics aren't great but you know what they look like. SGMTV12 New Vepr 12, 12 round high capacity polymer magazines are completely manufactured in the USA. Springs are coated for rust protection. All magazines have horizontal ridges on the outside. Allows you to remove the floor plate, cut under another ridge, replace the SAME floor plate to make a shorter magazine if desired. Very well made reliable magazines. One mag counts as 3-922R compliant parts. Each mag has a manufacturer warranty of 5 years.
  8. Butler creek 25 rounder steel lips clear. $55 shipped. Pm me
  9. Awesome. Now to find some in stock...
  10. Do Sgm vepr 12 mag now work with the lrbho?
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