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  1. I have a GG&G 2 shot extension tube with spring for Benelli M1, M2 for sale. Like new. Price: $56.00 Includes shipping.
  2. I have a Red Jacket RTS-ZK-JDM shotgun that I would like to sell. Fired less than 150 rounds. Currently the JDM has an Ace Ltd stock, JT Engineering Guide Rod Assy., & MD Max-V Gas Plug. OEM parts included in gun case with JDM. Will pay shipping. Shotgun by Priority Mail Express(insured) to FFL holder of your choice. In the interest of both parties, transaction would be handled thru www.escrow.com. Price: $1295.00 This item is currently being cross listed.
  3. I have 4 Saiga 12 gauge,5 round factory mags that I would like to sell. Asking $20 each + $7 shipping for single sales. Multiple sales would still be $20 each plus shipping. Shipping would have to be determined. Shipping by Priority Mail. Example-4 mags to west coast would be about $13 for shipping. Will accept USPS money order and PayPal.
  4. The MagnetoSpeed V2 Ballistic Chronograph was designed specifically for shooters who were using suppressors , larger muzzle brakes and thicker barrels. The bayonet for the V2 kit was designed to accommodate barrels from 1/2" to 2" in diameter and have a larger blast zone to account for longer muzzle brakes and flash hiders up to 4" long. This kit also includes additional spacers to help align the chronograph to these thicker barrels and even work with suppressors. This is a new unit. Never used. Batteries removed to protect display. New set included. Shipping free by Priority Mail with insura
  5. Check out www.thevestguy.com. One of the few sites that offers mag and drum pouches for the Saiga. He has belt, MOLLE, shoulder strap, etc pouches for drums. I got one for my MD20 drom. 183cav
  6. They must not have a consistent way to install this pin at the factory. Mine was the opposite of LOUDBOOMBOOM; thicker end on the left side. Pleased with the JTE guide rod assembly. Get well soon Jack!
  7. I use factory springs on a JTE guide rod assembly.
  8. Haven't tried the LE13300 but I use LE13200 which holds 9 00 pellets instead of 8 at 1145fps. Wouldn't cycle on 1(factory plug), so I switched to my MD Arms V-plug and worked backwards. Finally got reliable cycling on 5(-) with the V-plug. This is comparable to 2 on the factory plug. I also use the factory puck.
  9. I have a RJF RTS-ZK-JDM. It has a 3-port barrel(0.80 gauge loose, 0.090 won't go in the ports) and the factory puck. Had Pauly's Glass bolt and trigger job done. The following ammo cycles fine on the factory 1 or 1(-) on the MD Vplug settings: Federal PFC157- 3" 00 buck Federal PFC154- 2-3/4" 00 buck Winchester Super X- 3" #1 buck Winchester Super X- 2-3/4" #1 buck I have some Federal LE132 2-3/4" 00 buck (1140fps) that I had to back out to 5(+) on the MD Vplug to get it to cycle. As far as light loads go , my JDM doesn't like 1200fps 1-1/8oz loads (WW Super T
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