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  1. Yep for Tanfoglio, but I believe they are made in Turkey. the other name I heard was "kanuk" but I already have glocks so not sure why swap..
  2. for the question regarding turkish firearm exports - if anything it should make them more available and cheaper. they would be very interested in hard currency given instability and massive loss of revenue they have taken in tourism sector (conflict with Russia, domestic issues, Kurdish insurgency, and now military coup attempt). speaking of which, I own tagfoglio pistols in 9mm and find them to be reliable, easy to shoot, low recoil, heavy , full size sidearms. for $250, hard to go wrong
  3. In Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt - the joke was , "some states have an army, in our country, the army has its own state". the military sees itself is a guarantor of social order, secular (to the extent those countries culture allows) rule. the issue all of those states had and have is that demographically secular , educated persons are in significant minority and 'one person, one vote rule' automatically brings islamists to power ignoring the fact that it is secular part of society that holds all of the finance, military, wealth, and controls society. so one of two things happen - if they let
  4. " I hear ya. The general contentious around here is to flee from oppressive laws . "Run rabbit Run" If we all did that then half the population of the U.S. would be living in Texas .Eventually there is going to be no place left to run. Then what are all you tinfoils gonna do? If our govt keeps us on the run then they have already won. Maybe that is their plan, to take complete control one state at a time. "RUN TO THE HILLS, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE"" another way to look to think about it - by continuing to live in those state you support, approve, and collaborate with both crazy laws and it
  5. "having gun owners move out of NY is counter-productive to changing the gun laws in NY" I do not think we disagree. Ultimately, it is whether you believe you will win or not , and whether this is a fight you want to fight with YOUR life. If you do not think you will ever outnumber (outbreed, or outargue) the lemmings of the big cities and you DO plan to follow the rules they will pass on you , you probably do not want to live in state dominated by big cities (NY, CA, IL, etc). if you do not plan to follow their rules and think in your lifetime you will be left alone (rural IL, upstate NY,e
  6. "Right on. The "move out of NY/CA/wherever" BS is old. Honestly, that is counter-productive' .... it is reality. the commi staff (high taxes, amount of regulation, gun laws ,etc) either bothers you enough not wanted to live under it (so you move) or it does not (so you stay). only you can make that call. everything else is lying to yourself. and if you decide to stay, it is up to you to determine what you will comply with (i.e. closing your left eye when looking at Saiga and suddenly seeing Mossberg written on it, etc) or how much you will obey state instructions that go against your beli
  7. The song is a piece of humor from the audio play 'Bremen musicians' which most of the Soviet kids who grew up in the 80s know. The joke is that in this particular section there are three different players sequentially a) King's guard - who are singing about how strong and tougth they are , and how important is their job, and how they carry a cannon to deal with hummingbird these scatter like flies the moment they hear the first bandit , losing their pants and cannon in the process. bandits - who are singing about how brave and scary they are and how they are going to hunt down the king t
  8. thanks guys, if this still true that K-var will not sell to me if my billing address is in Chicago, IL (regardless of the FFL location)?
  9. Off topic, sorry if this is in wrong category and please feel free to move if needed. Got SLR106CR rifle but having problems with the folding stock - does not matter what I do it refuses to fold . Any thoughts or ideas? I am attaching two quick shots I have taken Thank you!
  10. I have plenty spare hardware laying around, the question is how to best get it to the OP. i.e. I have radeon 6850 which I can give away if OP wants it. PM me for details and I will try to help out.
  11. Read this - www.tomshardware.com , best graphics cards for the money (it is on the top page) . they have $65 and $100 recommendations...
  12. " Now with Xbox-One they are pushing their other faggot-filled "Cloud" shit that none asked for. Not to mention they basically killed the 2nd hand games market...good luck buying those used games for $10-$15 ... now they want to double dip and charge you for a "license" to (re)-use it. " +1 . Not sure what the value proposition for the new Xbox is gaming machine ? no , any decent PC built is already much better than this hardware and will only improve rather than stagnate as consoles are. Between Steam and other services like GoG there is more to play than there is time available me
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