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  1. So this is the mandatory I'm kind of an idiot post... so the retaining plate.... if it goes on the side of the axis pins that are smooth does nothing lol... when put on the correct side strangely does exactly what it is designed to do..... funny thing that.
  2. Retaining Plate http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/servlet/-strse-1365/Saiga-Ak-retaining-plate/Detail?sfs=54954e9f See above.
  3. So we finished the conversion without any really major hiccups, But the axis pins for the hammer and the fire control group fall out relatively easy now (simply slapping the gun, setting it down on concrete floors etc) cause the pins to either come out or at least drop back into the internals. What gives?
  4. Ok I was able to get it back into place with a couple of taps with a rubber mallet but that latch is still totally inop by hand use only. Is that something a good gunsmith or perhaps a forum member/merchant could fix?
  5. So went to the range today which was great but now I am trying to reassemble after field stripping and cleaning. That front hand guard latch (which was a gigantic pain in the ass to open) just will not go past being even with the rear sight. Any tips or ideas?
  6. Did you make that rig or did you buy it somewhere and if you bought it what is it?
  7. Ok one last question. I am looking at the KVAR stock how exactly does it attach to the rifle? There are no holes to attach to the tang, there is only one single hole running length wise in the part that will inside the receiver area. Kit didn't come with any hardware or anything so how in the heck does it attach?
  8. Just picked up my saiga and have a question. What lubrication/cleaning is recommended from a straight from the factory saiga?
  9. From my understanding of 922r law Saigas are imported into the US in a sporting configuration with no evil features. My adding any evil feature you know must know fully comply with 922r compatibility. A mag greater than 10 rounds is considered an evil feature. Your rifle may (or may not just luck of the draw) be physically capable of accepting the larger magazine with no modifications but you would breaking federal law. So if you wish to use greater than 10 round magazines, add a pistol grip, add afolding stock, add a muzzle device, or have a bayonet lug you must fully convert your rifle to be 922r compliant. Your saiga has 14 foreign parts (that count for 922r) you need to get that number to 10 or below. A g2 trigger is 3 parts, and a buttsock is 1 more so thats 10 parts and you're legal again (and can use any magazine you so wish). Using a US magazine further reduces it another 3, which means you could add a foreign made muzzle device or foreign produced stock or pistol grip but doesn't give you any other benefits. Hope this helps. Edit: I am not a lawyer and this all my basic understanding of the law and how it applies, take everything you read on the internet with a grain of salt.
  10. those videos I linked to in my first post walk you through everything, including putting the BHO back in place. Takes like 30 minutes or so to watch them all but they really do go step by step by step...
  11. That makes sense... but wouln't putting the spacer in then be a modification that would make the gun legally non-conformant? The bullet guide is legal.....using import 30 round magazines are not....
  12. Usually that's a map pocket, but I could be mistaken.
  13. 1) It truly depends on your unique rifle. Some will and some wont. My best advice is to do the conversion without the bullet guide and see how it does. If it needs it then install one otherwise leave it be. 2) Already there, just covered by the sporter plate 3) Not sure, I'm not using one..... to my knowledge lol 4) Tapco G2 Single Hook. (for install videos look here, it will walk you through the trigger group install http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/servlet/-strse-template/Videos-and-Links/Page )
  14. I am really looking at the US Palm Attack Rack v2 https://www.uspalm.com/products/soft-goods/soft-goods/us-palm-ak-attack-rack-v2.html
  15. Yes, WPA (Wolf) is 60gr FMJ lead core with a hollow cavity and milsurp is 53gr with steel core/hollow cavity. M Thanks, hoping my range will let me use this instead of Hornady, that crap is expensive!
  16. I have the hole plugs, grip I am buying includes the hardware to install it. Or rivets What trigger guard are you using? Trigger Guard is the carolina shooter supply made one
  17. Don't know yet on the bullet guide just have to see. Since I'm not 100% sure yet on the grip was just going to use blue and if I like the grip upgrade to red on the locktite
  18. Parts... Saiga IZ340....purchased KVAR Warsaw Length Stock...black US Made grip....black G2 Trigger group...single hook Axis Pin Retaining Plate New trigger guard (yes I know its optional but would rather replace) Hogue handguard...black (for 922r compliance and looks good haha) Bulgy muzzle break Punch set... http://www.lowes.com/pd_68402-355-16-023_0__?productId=3200079&Ntt=punch&pl=1&currentURL=%2Fpl__0__s%3FNtt%3Dpunch&facetInfo= 3/16 drill bit (still looking for a good one) think thats about it, missing anything?
  19. What sight is that and how do you like it?
  20. Title kind of says it all. Is it worth it to install a tapco gas piston for a real muzzle break? In terms of 922r this is where I stand 14 (stock) -3 (G2 trigger) -1 Buttstock 0 US pistol grip (both -1 and +1) =10 so good to rock Bulgy muzzle break would be +1 and would bring me to 11 which is no bueno. Choices are mess with magazines (which to me seems iffy, but I'd rather have a 100% legal rifle no matter what magazine I chose to use) or get a gas piston. Only one I have been able to find is the tapco one. Is it any good? Or should I just look for a US made muzzle break/flash suppressor? Thoughts?
  21. Ok thread necro time.... Whats currently the best deal out there for 5.45 ammo? I'm seeing $160 shipped from widners on Surplus and 232 for Wolf from Widners were else are you seeing good ammo deals?? Also can anyone confirm wolf ammo = lead, and surplus = steel core?
  22. What did it for me was there is a ton of help/guidance out there for normal barrel dimensions, seemed a bit slimmer for the heavy barrel stuff. Just figure I don't need that headache on my first go. But looking forward to seeing what you decide on!
  23. In general I'm a fan of the smoothest trigger pull I can find and INITIALLY it seemed like the way to go. I still might but first I'm just going to do a basic conversion and then tinker with it and find what I like best. Do you have experiences either way with the JTE spring?
  24. For my first project I picked the 340. Figure I'll learn enough this time round that I can spend the time/money/energy next time on a heavy barrel, since I'll already know how to do the back.
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