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  1. I thought the same thing. It's a simple Glassbolt job, and I told him to leave it black, so it's less work than other GB jobs. It won't be overnight, but I think the easier jobs will get cranking out then the Ice Racks and the rest will come with time. If others start to see parts in the mail, it'll be safe to say Paul is putting forth the effort to make good with everyone. I like to think the gears are turning and momentum has started. Maybe something for others to do is to send Paul a letter reminding him of the job you paid for, serial number, and shipping address just to be sure he
  2. By the good grace of an upper power, I received my parts back from Paul yesterday. Pics attached to confirm. He included a sincere sounding note, gas port gauges, and a sticker. This REALLY made me day! Now the million dollar question, why am I the first to receive their parts? I have made a pretty hard effort in getting my parts back. I sent Paul boxes to ship my parts back on two occasions… once with a check for money to ship them and once with a prepaid label so he could just pack and ship them free to him. I will note my check was NOT cashed, and the prepaid label was NOT used.
  3. 25 would be my first choice for sure. One box of shells per mag would be amazing! I'd definitely buy 2 or 3. Second choice would be a 15.
  4. Thanks, I'll see if I can get a hold of him or find another, now I know they're made. A few years ago people ordered these kits from rusmiitary. It would be worth sending them an email eventhough I haven't seen them bring any new items in for over a year. For clarification you've stated that you're looking for the lever. I'm assuming you don't need the spring, plunger, and nut that are also included in the kits. I have an extra plunger laying around. Pm me if you need that as well. Thanks for the input, but the lever is all I need if it is the same. I've gotten a couple
  5. Thanks, I'll see if I can get a hold of him or find another, now I know they're made.
  6. I'm looking to buy if still available. PM me.
  7. I bought it from a gun shop on GunBroker. It was new, not used or modified. If you use standard mags, the lever will trip the hold, so all you do is dremel a little spot of material out, so the lever lowers enough to not hold the bolt. I believe the receiver looks about the same. The lever is so rare I fear I wont be able to find one. If someone has one, I'll pay a huge deposit on it if you ship it to me, so I can fabricate a replicate. My father is very good with making custom pieces and could do it if he had one to compare it to.
  8. Yes, it is a factory installed LRBHO. The magazine has a taller follower to make it work. The bolt hold lever is different, and that's the only part I can't find to replace the internals of my S12
  9. Hi, A few years ago I bought an IZ 109 Saiga 12 with the last round bolt hold open. About a year ago, I sent the bolt and internals to Pauly Steelin for a polish job, and have been caught in the middle of his disappearance, so I fear I will never see my parts again... So my search has started for the rare LRBHO lever. I can get replacement parts for everything else he has, but not the special LRBHO lever. Does anyone know where I can find one?
  10. I would buy at least two 10 rounders and two 25 rounders. Those would make the most sense for my shooting needs.
  11. Nobody knows where he lives. This has been covered. Parts were either mailed to his PO Box or to an address he no longer lives at.
  12. I'm in Oregon but won't be able to make it to Salem for a while due to work. I plan to stop by the Sheriff's office and try to get the ball rolling or at least get some guidance on what path to take here. I have been extremely patient and giving to Pauly (actually sending him a box and a check to send my parts back), but I am just tired of waiting. I know there is a poll going to collect names of people involved, but I will also collect info (Names, email, last 3 digits of serial, whatever you feel comfortable with) and personally bring it to Salem to see what they can do for us. PM me if
  13. What about unlocking his account and allowing him to post? Or admins can message him trying to engage conversation. Worth a shot isn't it?
  14. JT, I sure hope that is the case. I was getting tired of waiting and wondering, now I'm getting tired of this thread as well. Did he make any mention of why he wouldn't return parts unfinished to those that have requested it?
  15. I'd like to enforce what Odd Man Out said. All we want is out parts completed and shipped back to us. Most are willing to pay additional for shipping or have parts returned unfinished. I am willing to do either. Please contact us or ship our parts back. I tried to make it easiest on you when I shipped a box and funds for shipping to return my parts to me either finished or not. Like I stated in my letter, no hard feelings, I'd just rather have a functioning S12.
  16. That is where I shipped my parts originally and send him my package that he signed for recently.
  17. Check has not been cashed. So I don't know if he's holding on to it and will cash it when he gets my parts done or not going to cash it and keep my parts or ship them back on his dime. Just hoping for something here...
  18. I sent it to 1050 Sunnyview Rd NE Ste 8060 Salem, OR 97301-0643
  19. He is still picking up his mail. I sent him a box and a check for shipping to ship my parts back to me 3 weeks ago. I assume they are not done yet, I'm only about 7 months into my wait. I sent it USPS Restricted Signature, so only he could sign for it and he did a couple days after it arrived at the post office.
  20. My parts are pretty far back in line (shipped to him 6/25/13), so I sent him a medium flat rate box with my shipping address on it and a check for the cost to ship it in hopes I can get them back sooner. I thought about it a lot and figured this would be the easiest for him to do with no out of pocket money and no printing or sending labels required. That was a little over a week ago, so I'm hoping to see them return in the next week or two. I'll post if he contacts me or sends my parts back.
  21. Do we have any facts on his situation or are all these rumors and speculation. I definitely don't want to walk into a hostile situation or anything, but I would like to know what is holding eveything up and like some have suggested, just get my parts back in whatever condition they are in so I can havea working gun.
  22. I don't see this ending well............ I mean it in a civilized manner. I'm considering going and just seeing if he is there and asking if I can get my parts back.
  23. I have sent my parts in several months ago, and am considering paying the address I shipped to a visit. I am within an hour of the address... if he still is connected with it.
  24. I need a stock 5 rd magazine. I have two 10 rounders, but they don't work with my LRBHO. The stock one does because the follower comes up farther and has a thinner wall so the catch engages the bolt hold. So if you have a stock 5 rounder laying around, let me know! Best way to get ahold of me is by email: insano7101@yahoo.com Thanks guys
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