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  1. I believe I have all of my distances covered now. Smith & Wesson M&P40 Pro 5" to beat them over the head. My MKA to harass them from the other end of the football field, and this smooth shooting M&P 10 chambered in .308 to poke holes in 'em when they pop-up over the horizon...
  2. Smith & Wesson M&P10 chambered in .308 / 7.62 - MKA 1919 - M&P40 Pro 5" OH YEAH !!!
  3. HDDP

    IMG 0993

    Now that's funny...
  4. Dropped you a email, let me know how to proceed... Derek
  5. Anyone run across the 1st Generation Barrels for sale anywhere ?
  6. Sorry for your bad luck Matt. Just imagine how bad it would get if our guns were outlawed...
  7. I shortened mine to 18.25" crowned it and installed a slide-on breecher with Locktite. No problems at all and I'm still getting 3" groups at 100yds with Brenneke Black Magic slugs.
  8. Matt, Just my 2¢ ... That's a crazy (BALZY) decision to go into the gun business during this current political environment... I'll send you all of my extra good vibes... DG
  9. HDDP


    OK, what did I miss in the past few weeks ? Fill me in ...
  10. I haven't checked stock, but I would guess you'll find most everything but the mags. Here are the usual suspects http://carolinashooterssupply.com http://centerfiresystems.com http://www.mississippiautoarms.com http://www.tromix.com http://www.firebirdprecision.com As far as the bump fire stock, that's iffy since the pistol grip is built in... I'm sure SlideFire would know... Don't know if you have a fast trigger finger, but do a 10 + 1 mag dump before you spend your $ on the SlideFire, you might be surprised how that gun flies around when doing a rapid fire.
  11. HDDP


    Running a EoTech L3 557 with night vision on mine. Was surprised that it held zero on a 12ga, but been rock solid for over a year.
  12. Yes Sir, like Eksen Arms; Unal, Ahmet ahmetunal@xnarms.com Eksen Silah Ltd Sti DEGOL CAD3/6 TANDOgAN Ankara, tr 063440 Turkey +90.3122122840
  13. Don't let them lull you into a false sense of security with articles like that... You'll see more and more of those which are designed to make us stop contacting our Senators with opposition to ALL gun legislation, while they swing their votes to the other side with empty promises and BS. Look whose news service that is anyway... BLOOMBERG, yes the same BLOOMBERG that is mayor of NYC and a HUGE anti-gun DICKHEAD. Call your Senator's office every week and make a simple statement; Vote to oppose all gun control legislation, or I will work diligently against your reelection. It's a s
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