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  1. I guess what worried me was the lack of communication. I got my part approximately 4 weeks later, Kalinka not responding to any of my communications was disheartening.
  2. Sorry about this I did search. How deep ( indexing?) would one want the muzzle break to be screwed down to? Should the barrel end meet flush with the where the muzzle break is? I'm talking depth of screwing down the flash hider. Thanks.
  3. Was thinking about using a pipe cutter on my shroud. This has put me off somewhat. :-( sorry to hear about this.
  4. I ordered it on 9-9-12. When would be the time to cancel the order as the seller doesn't bother responding to any emails at all. I even tried via their direct email address in case their website email app wasn't working but to no avail. Thanks.
  5. Any concerns about the barrel heat expansion and throttling caused by the retainer?
  6. Just wondering what the difference is between the KVar upper and lower plastic handguards compared to a genuine one that is on eBay. Seller goes by the name of lucky market. Thanks
  7. So basically I need a lower locking bar and upper gas tube that's it? I don't need to remove my front site. Would the K Var Russian upper and lower fit the same or differently.
  8. Would you know which sort of retainer and gas tube works with my rifle and the hogue please ?
  9. Nothing at the moment. Just a SGm tactical quad rail.
  10. What else do I need to be able to fit a hogue handguard onto my saiga 7.62? My barrel is notched of t makes a difference. Thanks.
  11. Ordered a scope from them in early September. No confirmation email nor no response from them at all.
  12. Serge how you doing buddy. You from FSN? I probably get my scope in time from Xmas.
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