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  1. Punisher Max was really cool stuff. Max comics used his character and really made him the killer marvel couldn't. He didn't spare anyone in those comics. If you like marvel the civil war series was great. It pitted Captain America and his team against Iron Man and his group. It split the marvel universe into two sides. A major event happens with some super powered teens that end up killing an entire city. They try to enact a registration for all super powered people that makes them reveal their identity and work for the government. Tony stark leads the pro group while Captain America le
  2. Sent an email for the last three days and will continue to do so. I have gotten a few automated responses but nothing major.
  3. Just sent mine. First time doing it but its time to get in the fight.
  4. Yeah the place I bought it from gave me century arms phone number to replace the tapco pistol grip that broke 25 rounds into the test firing. I guess century has the warranty for the gun.
  5. Looks great. I would have tried the wood route but I just bought the chaos extended rail.
  6. I actually bought it converted. They said the importer did it. I have replaced the tapco pistol grip on it with a hogue grip because the tapco broke about 25 rounds into it. I made the sling out of some 550 cord I have had laying around for a while.
  7. Hello I am looking to see if anyone on Oahu has an ak they want to sell. Saiga, wasr-10, or any others. Saiga doesn't have to be converted. Just be reasonable with your price. I do have a current long gun permit so we can go to the police station and transfer it. Also interested in a mini 14 or 30. Thank you.
  8. That would be awesome thanks.
  9. Thank you. I have a chaos extended rail on order. I also want to put a muzzle brake on it when i get the money. But i do like the plain polymer ak stock.
  10. Good idea. I might swing by and see what they tell me.
  11. Yeah probably but I just transferred to HI and sometimes the people here aren't the friendliest to military. I might look into it though. Just thought it would be a way to seperate my gun from the pack a little.
  12. Hello I am still new here but I did a search and couldn't find anything. Just wondering if anyone here does laser etching or custom engraving on say the receiver cover. I found a guy online who does AR stuff but no AK stuff. This is a picture of a rail cover the company sells.
  13. I currently have the fixed warsaw length stock as well. I have other things I wanted to upgrade or change before I drop the money on a stock. Plus I kind of like the look of the more classic style stock.
  14. Thanks. Good to see some other bubble heads on here. Just got off the ssn 757 uss alexandria.
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