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  1. I guess I might be one of the few that doesn't care how it matches up to my boxes of ammo... I see it as being a weapon, my first concern is cramming as many rounds as possible into it without compromising the reliability and effectiveness of my weapon. I wonder if it would cheaper for them to just make a huge batch of larger cap mags, leaving them ribbed so they can be cut down to the capacity you [the end user] want. I am picturing my 12 round mags, which are set up that way.
  2. I am really excited to see where this goes! I wouldn't be interested in a DS for anything under 12-16 rounds. A DS 8 wouldnt be at all interesting to me. I would buy the HELL out of some DS in the range of 20-15 rounds.
  3. I have never sold a gun. I have a pump action that needs some real gunsmithing love to ever function correctly, but it was the first weapon I ever obtained, Grandpa sold it to me. That said, I purchased a Ruger SR40c over a year ago. I dont know how well I like it, and I am going to replace it with an XDM40. Once I replace it I will most likely not sell the Ruger, but it will sit in the safe for ever and a half. By the way, I had a 91 Camaro with a 383 Stoker, high duration cam, carbed edelbrock intake, and 3 inch straight-pipes. I loved crushing Stangs. I also had a 1979 Fir
  4. Thats a unique idea, but not the direction I will go with this weapon, I love the underfolding but I was looking to improve upon it. I cant believe I had not heard of it though, I can imagine there is a huge number of people who would LOVE that, I just am not one of them. Not for this weapon. Thank you for sharing. =)
  5. Cut off my title, oops. >.< Found this, appears to be a bit different than my folder. Wonder if it would fit? $30 after shipping. http://www.sportsmansguide.com/net/cb/cb.aspx?p=WX2&i=297566
  6. Howdy yall Problem: Trying to improve cheek weld on Polish Underfolder with red dot. Samson riser doesnt fit... What next? Background: My beautiful Polish AK, utilizing a NoDak receiver and a Primary Arms red dot is amazing! I just would like a better cheek weld for it. I purchased the Samson riser, incredibly excited to use it, and it didn't fit. This weapon is easily my favorite rifle. Solution 1: Identify and purchase a second underfolder stock that will be more compatible with this riser. Determine if new underfolder will fit. Solution 2: Price out a direct replac
  7. Valid! I have wondered about how stiff they lock up, but they difficulty to install is a bit of a deal breaker.... I remember a photo on here of a weird stock that seemed interesting. It had a steel rod with a the butt pad at the end.... instead of folding you could collapse it, and the rod would run down either the left or right side of the weapon, till the butt pad was all the way against the rear of the weapon. It was odd looking, and I cant remember who made it...
  8. Hey yall, I know, another conversation about STOCKS, some of you veterans are probably screaming at your keyboard telling me to use the search and such. Here, let me help! “Joe you goofy nerd, find the search button and utilize it! Don’t waist my LIFE with your stupid questions.” Admit it. You feel better now. I purchased an ATI folding/telescoping stock less than one year ago when I did my conversion, and this thing is…. Complete and utter garbage that I wouldn’t trust on a god forsaken .22. I would never even consider defacing my airsoft gun with this trash, and I am offended by th
  9. Well, ordered the 16 inch kit, its got the extended rails that go beyond the gas block. I ordered some M16 style front and rear flip down sights that have adjustable windage, I figure with a good set of peeps and such a beautiful long sight plane I can practice my iron sight accuracy till I buy a good scope. Im not stoked about the Carbine Length Gas System, (Mid-length would be better) but I can deal. I did decide to go with a chrome lined barrel. I couldnt wait and hope something came into stock, in these troubled times having an imperfect weapon can be better than waiting and MAYBE ge
  10. They are NOT air brakes, they are Air over hydraulic. They are just like brakes in a pickup truck, except instead of using vacuum assist, they use pressure assist. Just like on a pickup, you blow a wheel cylinder, you loose fluid pressure for all wheels on that circuit. Unlike your pickup, that has two circuits, the Deuce has only one.
  11. Thanks for posting that link, I know there was a story of a guy who went quite a bit farther after a very comparable incident. In the 50s when the M34s and M35s were put out with gas engines having a single circuit brakes was the norm, but in the 70s when they updated them to Multi fuel I cant believe they didnt upgrade the brake system. Either way, I think its the best pickup truck I could ever own, fallowed by my Ram Cummins 2500.
  12. You make a perfectly valid point, but I only have two weapons that have never managed to fail. One is an AK 47 and the other is my Colt Trooper Mark III. My S12 has not failed in a long time, but it has failed. My pump action is an effective baseball bat. Your point is perfectly valid, and I would not consider a revolver shotgun to be a battle ready weapon at all though.
  13. Well, Im buying the 16 inch kit on my payday. I wish I could get the 20 inch, but its out of stock and I dont want a 24. If I find myself dissatisfied by it, I will get a match grade barrel later and try that, but it sounds like I am going to be pretty pleased by the 16. I now need to do some research on Chrome vs Non Chrome and I need to figure out if I give two craps about gas system lengths....
  14. Before I go any farther, let me state that my pump action shot gun is un-reliable off brand because its been heavily used and left loaded for years by Grand Pa. I would not trust it for home defense. I love my S12, ALOT for fun and end of the world preparedness. That stated, I love the idea of the gun in the photo. I could load 5 rounds, and there is no chance of mag spring wear/fail from age, wear, ect. Also, very few moving parts and a time perfected design... If it was affordable I would load it and leave it by the bedside, ignore it till the day it is needed.... That said, I
  15. Well, Looking at barrels and seeing how much I dont know once again... If I were to buy the kit and later want to change the barrel... how hard will that be to do?
  16. I'd hazard to say that you are hard pressed to find a more economical parts kit. My current AR308 build will end up around $2k with glass and it will be my hunting rig. I would check out Fulton Armory or Rainier Arms barrels. From what I've read, they both have sweet shooting barrels for DPMS type 308s. YMMV PERFECT! Thank you.
  17. My God I have received some amazing answers! Thanks yall, a lot of people who feel an 18 inch barrel is the cats meow on this platform. I would really like an elaboration on this, why would you not want a chrome barrel? If I had zombies in my home, Im not sure the AR would be my first choice! I think indoors I would reach for my .357 or S12.... Most likely shoot my roommate first for letting them in! Thanks friend! I am stoked to be joining the club, Im amazed by how expensive parts are for this thing. Close to $100 for a 20 rd mag in this area!
  18. I purchased a .DPMS 308 lower, and now I need some input before I buy parts. This is, after all, my first AR. Im going to be focused on shots outside of 300 yards, kind of a "Jack of all trades, Master of none" This weapon will have a mid power scope, designed to fill the gap between my AK and my Remington 700. I want to build an accurate, affordable, and maneuverable weapon. I have heard a few folks say that 16 inch is too short to be realistic for a load as powerful as a .308, saying 20 is the shortest they would go. Then, 2 mins later, someone says that the accuracy diffe
  19. The Deuce is built to be so strong, I have heard of guys busting holes in the side of the block with a snapped rod and still driving 50 miles! I wish they had built them with more reliable brakes. They are a single circuit so any single loss of brake fluid (A line, or wheel cylinder) causes COMPLETE 100% brake loss. I experienced it and it was scary as hell, I am damn lucky I was able to stop and not harm anyone or anything. Aside from that, they are awesome.
  20. Congrats! I love my Deuce, she is a special one. Take care of her, and if you have not already done so, replace the brake lines and wheel cylinders. When they spring a leak and you loose all braking power... Well, lets just say its horrifying.
  21. Might have just answered my own question... It sounds like this one is just too big for loads below 10 grains, and I need a different cylinder for pistols. I just hope it is more consistent for the .308 Rounds
  22. So far all I have loaded is .357 and .38 special, using unique brand powder and 125 grain bullets, soon I will be reloading .308 as well. Without checking the book I don't know for sure what the measurements are, but I want to say between 8.6-9.6 grains for my .357. My mentor told me to try 8.6, 8.8, and 9.0 at the range and see what shot best from my revolver. Everything went awesome till I started throwing powders and found that consistency with my measuring tool leaves a lot to be desired.... It would throw three good ones, then the next would be .15 grains hotter! I felt like I h
  23. I've yet to build an AR but probably will at some point. That's mainly because Saiga doesn't offer a model chambered in my preferred caliber, which is 6.5 Grendel. Actually, I have seen a picture of one but believe it was only for the European market. Strange. As to ARs jamming, I think that is overstated, much like claiming AKs are too inaccurate to be viable weapons. My son has thousands of rounds through his RRA AR with nary a jam and he didn't clean/lube it after each mag change either. The platform has earned my respect. I would not be interested in an AR if I didnt already own a S1
  24. Let me start by saying, I am not nessesarily "Panic Buying", my credit cards are not maxed out, still making the payments on my house, but I am... shall we say.... Adjusting my priorities. Instead of buying lift kits for the Jeep, or paying to put strippers through college, or purchasing a second home, I have decided to expand my sellection of deffensive weaponry. In this state FFL costs are rather high, and you then have to pay sales tax of 10% on the entire amount, shipping, purchase price, and FFL fee. This makes buying a complete gun online kind of prohibiting. I understand that AR
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