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  1. the saiga "m" with "removable stock limited edition" these use the same mechanism as standard russian folding stocks for the ak100 series?
  2. flathead screwdriver from the bottom and wiggle it until it starts moving then use a dowel or wood block and tap it off. Getting it off the first time is a PITA as its tight as hell. The gas tube lever has to be aligned correctly, if you look between the tube and block while you move the lever you'll see a flap of metal that holds it in place, this piece of metal needs to be parrelel to the gas tube, then just grab the tube and yank it off. All of these things get easier after doing it a few times.
  3. I bought my first Saiga in 2010 I think, it quickly became my favorite x39 rifle, while my round count is probably low, I know I've shot at least 2160 rounds of yugo through it and probably another 1000 random steel cased rounds. it feels smoother than my 500 round count saiga So who has put the most rounds through theirs?
  4. I have a few cases of it still, I shot a ton of it over the years, is it available anywhere still? It used to be everywhere.
  5. Shit, just buy a ton of them. I have a ton of variety, they (all the combloc) work just fine. I've never had a surplus combloc magazine that didn't work.
  6. Shot a doe at about 80 yards with Remington 123? grain SP. Iron sights, hit both lungs and nicked the heart. rolled it and it got up and ran 15 feet and dropped.
  7. I have a 7.62x39, I really want a 5.45. I want another 7.62x39 too but my main goal is a 5.45. Any chance of that anytime soon?
  8. So, I have three 10 round saiga mags, I never bothered trying them after the conversion until recently and they ran fine? Just a little loose but no function issues. Normal?
  9. Really easy to convert with just a few tools and a cheap mig welder and a penny backing will fill the holes left. Seriously, it's easy, do it. My saiga is my favorite AK.
  10. I want one of these, it's nearly impossible to find reviews/videos on this model though. I understand it's a single stack magazine, I'm not going to try and "convert" this rifle, I just want it for what it is out of the box. Anyone here have one? How does it differ from a regular AK action?
  11. I have some chinese steel core. What's the factory and date stamp? It's decent ammo, a local older guy gave two of my buddies NIB norinco SKS' for their birthdays years ago, he had cases of the stuff and I bought some off of him. Shoots fine, nothing really "special" about it other than the fact it's impossible to find now. The steel core and copper washing has more to do with producing cheap ammo than "armor piercing" abilities.
  12. So no problems with the retainer plate? Im almost thinking of switching for the shepards crook but if people have high round counts on the plate ill just leave it alone
  13. Thanks. I really like it, shot it today. I have several AKs but this is my first conversion. the only concern is i used a retainer plate instead of the shepards crook and the axis pins have a tiny amount of play, with a shepards crook you cant budge them at all. Anyone else notice this? They cant be driven out but they have a little lateral play. I was going to go full conversion on this but, as it sits its just about perfect IMO. Almost valmet-ish and very accurate. Makes my wire folder look jihad in comparison.
  14. Still waiting on some parts, put the bullet guide in after thing picture. The stock is actually lighter in person, its a romy G stock, the rest of that stock set are on my wire folder. Kinda like this setup though.
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