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  1. SWEET! Is that the Vepr, slant back? Mix of mags there? Are Any Vepr? If not, how do they work? What's that forearm? Shhh...http://vepr.org/
  2. And today: Actually rather frickin' accurate at 50 and 100 yrds once we got the scope on. I'll try and post up some target pics once my son finally sends them to me.
  3. Already purchased a couple and they've been flawless! Another order on the way...
  4. Work in progress: Happy. But wondering how out of 922r compliancy I am. And what to do for a hand guard. Happy.
  5. OK done deal now just to acquire: All I'm finding in 545 is Waffen Werks from Classic Firearms. Any experience?
  6. Hmmm...I'm waiting for imminent delivery of my first mags from you (area code 75028). They're not late! Any day now. I may take you up on this after a few rounds off what's coming. Thanks for the notice!
  7. Wish I hadn't seen this thread. At the range yesterday I shot a fella's just-purchased-hours-old domestic 762x39. Then I let him enjoy my Vepr .308*. He was going on about his other AKs and especially 545.** Now its stuck in my head and need to have one soon. *I also have a Saiga 762x39. 545 will by my third AK **What's the worst on shooting the corrosive stuff, how bad, what's involved, whats the worst?
  8. Nev

    First range report

    Yea, have some site adjustments to make. Wish it was easier and I more time to do nothing but play with the firearms! Hopefully HOPEFULLY next weekend. We'll see. I do think that casing damage is pretty common to the vepr.
  9. Sorry...getting old. Too many threads and forums to keep up with!
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