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  1. I removed the front sight off my legion saiga 12 some time ago and now plan to put it back on. Anyone know what kind of epoxy I should use when I put it back on?
  2. jdpete

    Fast service

    Ordered a complete .458 upper from Tromix on Wednesday and received it today. Now that is what I call fast service. Unfortunately I'm waiting for the ammo I ordered from a supplier so no shooting until it arrives. Dang.
  3. jdpete

    sbr mount

    I wasn't looking at a glock but I did take a look at that stock. Cool! I was thinking of a mac 10 clone mounted under a saiga 12 forend.
  4. jdpete

    sbr mount

    I am assuming mounting a pistol (quick release attachment) under the forend of a shotgun with a 19" barrel would still require registration as a sbr. Is this correct?
  5. Do you have your last round bolt hold open method detailed anywhere on the forum?
  6. Gunfun, anymore on your autoplug mod? I am considering doing it to mine but want to make sure it will work correctly with 3".
  7. jdpete

    shell damage

    Of course it's probably just where the shell got caught when it failed to eject.
  8. jdpete

    shell damage

    emptied a 20 round MD drum today and had one shell that did not eject. I noticed when I picked up the spent shells that one had been dented. I'm not sure if it was the one that FTE but if it is what would have caused it?
  9. jdpete

    safety drag

    Yes. Yes. Basically there is no spring back action when depressing the trigger during a cocked position with safety on.
  10. jdpete

    safety drag

    I noticed on one of my two saiga's when the hammer is in the fire position and the safety is on there is drag on the trigger rather than the little bit of motion with spring action. What should I be looking at to fix this? I have inspected but can't seem to figure out why. Not that it is an issue it just seems weird.
  11. Finished converting my second Saiga. Couldn't have done these without this site. I call them Hansel & Gretel.
  12. Uh, Duh me, pull the bolt assembly out.
  13. How does the upper handguard of the IZ-412 come off? I have moved the retaining pin lever to the up position.
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