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  1. i like everything about this video the little simple hand guard nut fix, the chromed barrel and bolt... good find, man
  2. thats odd, in the 922r thread i think tromix said otherwise but i may be mistaken. in my head, the tromix fcg and aftermarket hammer were 2 922r parts, but hey, i the ATF sees the fcg itself as 2 parts, thats fine by me
  3. I believe the Tromix trigger only counts as 1 part so you'll need a few more replacement parts A new handguard should do the trick
  4. I made my point. I somewhat agree. This is a little different than the angled slots issue, which I actually was on your side ToothandNail on that issue. But this issue (charging handle) is actually basing off someone else's original idea and work, which is a slippery slope my friend. Tread carefully
  5. Mine has a 75% cycling success rate with the stock spring and gas bushing. May have been the magazine, I should really test this out using the new factory 10 round mags
  6. Well there are some performance modifications you can do, some that are purely aesthetic/cosmetic, and others for 922r compliance Since you're obviously going to run high cap mags and you dont have the Firebird converted model, I suggest you replace these following parts first for 922r compliance http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/78652-atf-rules-there-are-14-922r-parts-on-the-akdal/page__hl__+1919%20+922#entry781121 1. Gas piston (several companies make this for about the same price) 2. Firing control group (you can get the best of the best and send your lower to Fireb
  7. I mean, the backwards front sight should still work but it sure tells ya a lot about the manufacturer 0_0 oh boy...
  8. Three rails? You mean a top rail, bottom rail, and side rail right?
  9. FoxHound

    Chest Rig

    I imagine pouches for "high cap" .308 mags would work, considering 1919 mags fit in AR-10 magwell Maybe that would work?
  10. nah, you're right. They dont have a number posted on their contact page I cant remember, but theres online directories that post numbers for companies like this Wish I could be of more help :/
  11. If they have some sort of contact number, I'd try to give them a ring. A lot of companies I know unfortunately take forever to reply via email, especially around the holidays. I ordered a replacement rice cooker inner pot because the teflon lining on my old one started peeling off but I had emailed them a question about it because I was uncertain about if I was going to be charged for shipping. Those jerks didnt reply back until 4 months later (but hey, at least they replied?) Centerfire and RAAC have been horrible about replying to emails too, so I just call them during normal business ho
  12. The only stupid question is the one left unasked. Better safe than sorry Some guys gave me flak for asking asking asking so many "dumb questions" and idgaf. At the end of the day, I sleep soundly in bed knowing what my capabilities and skills are. Not knowing what some stupid little part is called or some procedure is no skin off my bones, but I'm sure as hell gonna ask and learn. Let me know how it goes at the range. I shot with the gas bushing and it helped a little but I still had some malfunctions, though that couldve been the magazine. I picked up a low power spring too, so I'm g
  13. FoxHound

    Chest Rig

    I third this emotion
  14. Here you go good sir Just replace the stock spring with the low recoil spring in the reassembly process and place the gas bushing in the appropriate place according to those pics you saw
  15. Maybe my browser isnt working but is there a pic of the spring available?
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