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  1. Pulled this pin so you could see how it is configured. The 5.5mm is on top and the 5mm on the bottom. Its inverted in the pic.
  2. The pin in question here has a reduced diameter in the middle of the pin. It was used in conjunction with a lever that prevented the gun from fireing when the stock was in the folded position. Can't tell if those extra components are in this trunnion. Make sure they are not present. If they are, they will have to be removed as they might interfere with pin removal. Check this out remove if needed, and proceed with pin removal. Note. Never seen a 2 piece pin. Russians wouldn't do that.
  3. Looking at the scale pics, it does look like the pin is reversed. Not seen that before. The pin will come out but it looks like it has to come out the bottom as shown in the pics. Find the location the stock seems to have the least amount of friction when folding it. Start there and start tapping the pin downward. It has to come out. Pin diameters are giving me pause but drive it out the bottom. Start the process and keep checking for progress.
  4. I have a pair of Komrads and just picked up a Khaos. Its a bit different with a slide mechanism on the trigger. Not too sure about how its configured but I will be getting into it shortly. Have not had it out as of yet but I believe it will run as good as the Komrads which run very slick without ANY issues. No issues even with one ounce low power leads (1145FPS) The KUSA 12 gauge firearms are pretty well made, a notch above the Saiga 12's in workmanship and possibly materials. Can't go wrong with the KUSA's. Not a fan of their handguards so looking at ideas on how to change/modify them for the
  5. I have a lot of Saiga 12's and all of them, pin removal is out the top. It is a single pin with stepped diameters. It should come out pretty easily by tapping the pin out the top.
  6. Did you need the complete carrier or just the piston/rod extension? Sorry, just saw your post. MAA has the extension but not the carrier. Have you found what you were after?
  7. Rover747, please let us know as soon as you get it. I want to order one also but he has not answered 4 emails I have sent asking about availability. I paid a premium for one from a private seller due to no response from Bejorn at Kushnapup. Still willing to go through Kush if they would answer the email.
  8. I'm looking for a CBRPS Saiga 12 Spike stock. I want to modify it quite a bit. I already have one but I want to keep it as it is. I have three Saiga 12's and the last one needs the special attention. If ya got one you don't want, or need anymore, give me a shout...........Namsag
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