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  1. ya, this has actually started to happen to me with my 2 molot 5 rounders the feed lips keep popping off. Its easy to put it back on,but its really annoying when it happens.
  2. Thanks for the fast reply csspecs. I sent out the email with the pictures included, it looks like the mag was likely just a lemon that slipped through as the other 3 I ordered are still functioning flawlessly.
  3. I plan on contacting the vendor ASAP however they were closed by the time I could, and they won't be open till monday. I never said anything negative about ccspecs, I've posted multiple positive reviews on their products on their site, and have promoted the hell out of the vepr mags at every 3 gun I've been to. The reason I posted is because looking at the back of the locking lug, only 1 of 4 spot welds ever penetrated through to the other side, and it's pretty thick metal 1/8-1/4" thick so it's possible this might be a reoccurring issue on other mags. As far as it being a catastrophic failure
  4. Today at a local 3 gun match I had a total failure of one of my csspecs vepr mags in my shotgun. While firing my vepr, the locking lug on the magazine sheared off at the spot weld. After closer inspection of the piece that broke off, it looks like there are 4 spot welds going up the locking lug, however the metal is at least 1/8" thick and only one of the spot welds had penetrated and attached the piece to the body of the mag and it broke during the firing of the shotgun. I'm hoping this mag was just a lemon as the other 3 I purchased have functioned flawlessly. I have not yet contacted csspe
  5. as far as the other calibers and variants go it looks like iwi is releasing it in 556 and 308 as well. they announced pricing and release dates on their facebook page a week or two ago. I didnt pay attention to the info on the 556, but it looks like the 308 is coming fall of 2015 and will be around $2k, also it will accept sr25 pattern magazines
  6. The only reason he was able to pass a ban on russian firearm imports in the first place was using the excuse that it wasn't a gun ban it was to try to stop russia from occupying the ukraine
  7. ya you could always have a gunsmith thread it for the chokes of your choice. It looks like its only about $100-$150 to get it done. I've been looking into getting it done on my iz433, but keep the external threads so I can change my chokes but still have a muzzle brake that I dont have to unthread every time I need a different choke.
  8. I can't remember where I read it but there are rumors that a private buyer may be buying out kalashnikov concern which could mean that importation could start back up because the company was no longer owned buy the russian gov. It'd be great if it ends up being true because I was looking forward to all the products that were in the works for importation, including the saiga branded vityaz 9mm, and an AEK.
  9. Thanks for the replies, @ Wagnikov, now it seems like it runs everything fairly well except the winchester and the federal, but I've had a hard time finding ANY shotgun, semi, pump, or even a couple break opens all have had issues reliably running the winchester crap. @ csspecs, thanks for the info, good to know what the OEM spring poundage is so I know where to start experimenting. It sounds like I might wanna buy a second guide rod and heavier recoil springs for when i'm hunting coyotes, crows, badgers, etc. and will be shooting buckshot and slugs, and I might wanna buy a lighter front sprin
  10. I have a IZ433 (so basically an Izmash made Vepr-12) and it was having issues running cheap birdshot. The main problem was I had my red dot placed right in the way of the ejecting shells, causing misfeeds. I moved the red dot to the rear of the receiver and that definitely improved my reliability, however I was still experiencing jams or misfeeds every couple of magazines. I polished up the rails, hammer, and the part of the bolt carrier that contacts the rails hoping to get the degree of reliability I wanted using light loads. Now I experience a jam maybe 3-4 times out of about 100 shells. I
  11. Any info on when another batch of your Vepr 12 mags will be available? I just got a Vepr right before the ban hit on the saigas and veprs, but i've held off getting magazines for it until yours are available, I cant justify spending 100 bucks on a polymer mag from russia when I can get a US made all steel mag from you guys,for half the price too.
  12. Im sure there are some members of the galil section of the uzitalk and balashnikov forums who would love some quality u.s. made galil mags in either 223 or 308, as the're becoming rather difficult to come by.
  13. So the S308 mags wouldn't function in a Galil 308 due to the bullet guide being built in on the S308 mags correct? If the M77 mags fit that would be fantastic, I own one of your 25 round S308 mags and I love it, the thing is built like a tank, and anything is better than $100 a piece or more for a IWI galil mag assuming you can find them.
  14. I own a converted S308 (and love it), and am currently looking into building either a 308 galil, or a FAL. I already own a 223 saiga and a golani, and my galil mags work in both my golani and my S223. 308 galil mags are ridiculously rare and expensive, and I am curious whether the mags will interchange between my saiga 308 and a galil 308.
  15. I have a recently purchased saiga 308 that I am in the process of converting, and I was wondering whether a combo FSB/GB from an AK47 or 74 such as the KVAR combo gas block and FSB will fit on it, or if there are any purpose built S308 combo FSB/GB's being manufactured.
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