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  1. Hey guys, I'm not sure where the disconnect is/was. We've been rather swamped as of late so we have not been as active on the forums, but that will change going forward. Once again we guarantee all products 100%. If your not happy then we're not happy. If anyone has had any issues let me know and I assure you I will make it right! Thanks
  2. Gnugung, Ive got my R&D team working on this with you. We will make sure to make it right, very strange indeed. In all our testing we have yet to come across this. Stay tuned, thanks -Uinta
  3. SpetsnazGRU - Posted 07 February 2011 - 03:16 PM .. Only shot about 60 rounds, using one of the mags.. I was initially having feeding problems. The bolt was hitting one of the sides of the mag and failing to grab the next round. I had to manually cycle the action, pushing the bolt down with a bit of force, in order to chamber a round and then pushing the bolt closed. By the second mag-full, things did become smooth and I had no more failures, even when shooting one mag-full in rapid succession. The bolt simply dug a little hole in the plastic for itself. cma g21 - Posted 07 February 201
  4. Max, So sorry to hear about your problems with the South African ammo and the u308. Please check your IM, we will get this resolved ASAP under our 100% guarantee. We have had numerous successful range reports thus far, and will back up our product in word and action. Thanks again! -Uinta Industries
  5. Rob, thanks for the post. I have 8 empty FBMG's and was wondering how well the Uinta kit would fit. The rebuild kit is what you need, will work great! can be found Here
  6. Big Boss, We try to keep things under wraps at Uinta, what I can confirm is that we are actively seeking solutions for everyone, Please stay tuned here for any upcomming product announcements that may be in the works Thanks again for the support!
  7. Ours our $30.00 if you buy 3, purchase Here
  8. +1 very interested on the background here
  9. We will stand behind every product 100%. We are in the process of switching locations right now, and once the move is complete we will update everything on our site. I would prefer to not send people to an empty location in the interim. I am kind of perplexed why my IM was not responded to by you gnugung, please feel free to respond and I will call you directly, if that is not to your liking I am not sure I can help you at this time. All orders come with all information to get anything resolved in the event that there is a problem. Order with confidence gents! ETA: Here is the direc
  10. Valid point, no need to worry. We pushed ourselves for a pre shot launch, and are in the process of moving to a new facility. We are currently in Saratoga Springs, Utah. Our toll free number and new address are in the works and will be posted on our site shortly, currently the best way to get a hold of us is through email. service@uintaindustries.com, on a side note most emails have been answered within min of receipt.
  11. Thought I would stop by to send an update. We have been running a bit ragged trying to get all the orders out so let me first of all say, Thank you! We have gotten quite a few emailed reviews and everyone really likes the u308. We are going to be updating our Site very shortly with some of these user reviews. Most of our questions still revolve around our "Introductory Price" as for now we are not releasing the day which our pricing will adjust, but it is in the forseeable future
  12. Sorry about the confusion here. I updated some shipping costs on the small parts, the problem should be resolved for this type of an order.
  13. I killed some pigs down in Fla. a few weeks back with my S-308. That mother has taken down everything I've shot with it,pigs,deer and a wild ass dog up in the Blueridge mountains. I have a rail on top i got from Carolina Shooters and mounted a Vortex red dot on it. The red dot has a 2X adapter with it and that's what I have on it most of the time. Money well spent. Need some pics of the gun and the kills
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