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  1. I have not ben on here in a very long time and wanted to provide some feedback. First off I purchased a used barely used Saiga 12 back in late 2012 IIRC. I tried a lot of different ammo and had many of the same issues others have. After a lot of searching I came across this forum and did the best I could on educating myself not only on the gun but the services from various providers listed here provided. In short I got caught up with a vendor that took our money and disappointed so many of us. I was very fortunate though when I contacted the Oregon DOJ and finally got my parts back af
  2. Drove up and had a great visit with Shannon from Cobra's Custom and left my parts #001 in his very capable hands to get done like they should be. I saw and handled a lot of his work that he did on an assortment of weapons. Looking forward to getting his work done. He is getting busier as many are wanting him to finish what Pauly didn't. Robert
  3. Well got my items #001 in the mail today. Bolt and carrier had been bead blasted and only the initial grind on the bottom rear of the carrier was started. Good to at least have them back. Now on to CC to get them finished and then back in the gun when ready. Not sure if I like many of you will ever get any money out of Pauly, but I hope and pray that everyone gets there parts back at some point. It has been a long 2 1/2 years and I haven't even looked at my saiga for over a year. Soon it will be time to go to the range with it. All the best everyone, Robert
  4. I waited to post until I heard something. I got a call from Marlene this morning and she said that my parts were also shipping today via USPS. Hopefully by Friday I will know if anything was done or not and if not, time to go local. Hopefully more of you will be getting your items soon as well.
  5. I got my call today and as many others who've also been called the same info was provided to me. She is a very nice and professional woman. She also told me that she is trying to contact 5 people a day until she has contacted everyone who she has a box of parts for. She is of course also busy with other cases and is trying to balance a heavy workload. We did have about a 15 minute chat and she verified all of the info and documents I sent her in PDF format to include a copy of my USPS MO stub/receipt, as well as my current address, email, and best phone number. She did assure me that she will
  6. I just submitted my complaint to the Oregon DOJ Consumer Complaint Dept. online form. I used a chronological format and included a Google Drive link to all of my online conversations and forum posts/replies with Pauly, emails, USPS Money order scan, pre-paid return shipping label, all converted to pdf format. As everyone else is, I am hoping that I will at least get my parts back. All the best to everyone, Robert #001, Received by Pauly on 16 Feb 2013
  7. #001 Match Trigger Service GlassBolt + Pauly's Piston Vertical/upturned Charging Handle finished in black $250.00 February 14th, 2013
  8. Agree totally with Kanzaz. I am more than willing to do this for the shipping and even help out a couple of others if they need it.
  9. I agree with the above. I am #001 and am more than willing to contribute to help get parts back. I already know who I will go to to get my work done as they are very close to me and a vendor on this forum. Now it is just seeing if someone can assist Pauly do it or do it on their own with our help. I just don't want to have to go thru the process of trying to get new parts if and when they ever become available. All the best to all and I hope everyone here and your families has a great new year. Always hoping for the best, Robert
  10. Quick question. The Chaos upper rail. Will it fit onto the top of the Chaos Titan? I am thinking about not using the top of the titan rail as I am not using the rear folding portion. If it will then I will take it and use Discrete PayPal would just need the email to send the $ to. Thanks, Robert
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