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  1. They are knurled and should go out one way. I forgot which way even though I just did it a week ago. The "gunsumer reports" website has the info you are looking for I think... http://www.gunsumerreports.com/review_akdal_mka_1919_p7.php Middle of the page..
  2. These are a few years old never used still in original packaging. Looking to get $230 shipped Please email: Trappnguns(AT)yahoo.com These are cross posted Gone to ebay same price...
  3. I remember reading somewhere that the barrel is actually thicker where the threads are. If you shortened it, there would be very little material to cut the threads into..
  4. I was thinking about Kryptek raid camo... Maybe one day
  5. I bet that extra space allows you to load on a closed bolt. If you were able to file enough, you would need a little extra in order load..
  6. I've shipped exactly ONE. I went through USPS registered receipt. It had to be covered in brown paper (or tape.) Other than that it wasn't a big deal.
  7. Trappnguns

    Mag pouch

    <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Madwand" data-cid="864062" data-time="1360897028"><p> Was gonna order it til I got to the $13.87 shipping charge for a $20 item. I don't do business with shipping gougers.</p></blockquote> Don't move to Alaska...shipping is rediculous
  8. How many rounds are through it? Mine took a little extra (150- 200 rounds) to break in, even with the bushing. Runs like a champ now...
  9. So, if you used two 12 round mags, and two couplers you could make a 20 round mag? If I did my math right using it would still be cheaper to make an Uber Evil Unlucky 13 round mag than to buy a factory 10 round mag... Hmm... 13 round mag. That would make a great platform for some "Lucky 13" graphics on the side...
  10. I thought the 5 had to attach to the 12 to make a 15 rounder?
  11. Ya know, I have always wondered something about this silly rule... I have built a few AK's strictly following the rules, but wondered if I even have to. I think this would apply to those getting a firebird receiver: The receiver is the gun. My AK receivers were made in the USA. The Firebird receivers were made in the USA. Therefore the gun was not imported. The GUN (receiver) was manufactured here... Then there is the Benelli thing. The M4? shotgun is all made elsewhere. It is refinished here in the USA. GTG apparently. That means I can build a foreign made rifle, here in the USA, refi
  12. How does that sightmark hold up to the heavy recoil?
  13. Kinda figured that... That's why I asked first
  14. Anyone ever modify the follower when using a Salem 6 mag extension to squeeze an extra round or two in? Looks like you might be able to shave up to an inch off the bottom..
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