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  1. I would not argue with anyone wanting to buy a gun. But getting something in .223/5.56, when/if you already have something in 5.45, because of ammo concerns is just silly. 5.45 is still cheap and available enough to lay in right now. Not doing so because you think you can get .223 later is a fool's choice IMHO.
  2. AR stocks belong on AR rifles/carbines. Fixed or otherwise. Abandon this course of action forthwith. Sorry, I know this does not answer your question but I could not help myself.
  3. Well, we (my FFL/Gunsmith buddy and I) did the deed yesterday. I was pretty much done with my conversion but wanted to do something about the nekidd muzzle. I am happy enough with the factory hand guards and did not want to mess with cutting off the and replacing the front sight. I had ordered a 14MM left hand die, die guide, and muzzle brake from somebody (can’t recall right now) but it might have been Dinzig or CSS. Anyway, we marked an annular ring 5/8” back on the shroud of the Saiga front sight with a small tubing cutter. Then we cut around that line (turning the gun in the vice sev
  4. Hmmm, only two things I can think of. A dent in the body preventing the follower from going all the way down, or a bent skirt somehow hanging on the spring. Does the follower slide up and down easily without the spring & floor plate on the mag?
  5. I am trying to live with my basic conversion on my 5.45 Saiga and so have left the front end alone (so far). I am curious what the barrel diameter is at the muzzle though in case I want to thread it for a muzzle brake/flash hider. Can a steady fellow just carefully cut around the front of the FSB and remove the shroud? I got lucky with a SAR-3 once that I was able to just run a 1/2X28 die on and thread for a flash hider, I would like to do the same with my Saiga 5.45.
  6. True that! I have both a 16" & 21" /308 and like them both for what they are. I have the 21" set up as a "Saiganov" with bipod, scope, thumbhole stock, etc. and the 16" is a "CQB" blaster.
  7. I left mine in (on both my .308 and 5.45) and am glad I did. I did cut them off so they are flush with the receiver when fully engaged. I also smoothed/rounded it so it is less noticable when not engaged. To be honest, just fooling around with the gun I do notice it, but never feel it when running drills. I like having a real BHO on my guns, even one that has to be engaged manually. I can't remember exactly but think I installed everything and reached in with a sharp pick and got the spring tail up over the back of the BHO. To cut it off, I removed the grip, engaged the BHO, marked it wi
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