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  1. P2AB

    My S12

    Glad you got around to doing the conversion. Looks good
  2. Can't argue with his decision. Part of growing up is making decisions.
  3. A big drum in a .410 makes for a hell of a lot of fun at the range I like Montec's S12, but I've been hankering for a .410 and a big drum Maybe a Bumpski too
  4. What do I prepare for? Just about anything and everything. My grandmother lived through the Great Depression and it affected her to the day she died. She lived in a big city for as long as I knew her and she had a garden, canned a bunch of things, bought canned goods from the scratch and dent store, had a HUGE freezer always full. I'd say at any given time she had at least a year of food for her and my grandfather... and then some. A little of that rubbed off on me. I grew up about 50-60 miles from Buffalo, NY and remember the Blizzard of 77. I was a kid and it was great fun to be snow
  5. You could try using marine grade, its still unleaded but lacks the ethanol. Many stations near lakes or waterways carry it. I can get it in my area from 2 or 3 gas stations, but it is getting harder to find. The one station I used had 3 grades of NO ethanol and 1 of ethanol, they just switched it around 1 of no ethanol and 3 or ethanol. All due to the EPA BS. When it came out that Commiesota was going to a minimum of 20% ethanol I wrote the gov and asked him if he was going to pay for all my small engines and replace my 3 trucks. No answer of course.
  6. The SCOTUS has ruled that way, as have several state supreme courts. Warren v District of Columbia Castle Rock v. Gonzales, No. 04-27 SCOTUS A quick search online will pull up several involving the police and several moer involving other government agencies. The government at all levels have removed themselves from responsibility for their actions or inaction.
  7. I do a lot of my own work on my trucks, 78 & 79 Fords and my 94 GMC. My favorite car was a 71 - the most advanced thing on it was a mechanical solenoid. I had the high beam solenoid go out one night (stuck on) - pulled into a rest area, pulled the solenoid apart, got the parts meshing the way it should and re-greased - problem solved. My main problem with older vehicles now is the lack of regular gas, it is damn near impossible to find. Long term options including getting rid of the EPA and the communists in power who insist on putting ethanol in gas, rebuilding engines and fuel delive
  8. I'll toss my hat in. I have a SGL-21 and have gone through a Warsaw Pac stock and not a NATO. My girlfriend thinks it is too long so I've been thinking of a collapsible stock so she can have some AK fun too.
  9. I'll agree that the US Army Survival manual and the SAS one are great, I own several copies of the pocket version of the SAS one. The US Airforce survival manual is good as well. Check out Dare To Prepare by Holly Deyo - 8.5 x 11 inch format and about 2 inches thick, it isn't cheap at about $50 but there is a lot of good info in there and a list for everything. You can view the table of contents online. This is a great book to start out with if you plan on getting into preparing. The Internet Archive and Project Gutenberg are two sites to check out for free books, most are copyright fr
  10. There are plenty of ways to filter water. Some are expensive, some are cheap. Most filter media will take out particulate, some will filter bacteria some will filter chemicals and one has actually been tested to remove viruses. There are chemicals you can add from bleach to iodine that will kill viruses, so often it's a good idea to use a chemical and a physical filter. I have a few different water filters and purifiers - Berkey gravity ceramic for the house, Katadyn Pocket for travel, USP iodine crystals to make my own solution, Potable Aqua and Mircopur tablets (tablets are expensive), bleac
  11. Simple is good. Having some extras isn't a bad idea either. Even keeping it simple - no optics mount / laser / flashlight / optics (when I get them), I'd still have gotten everything else. Even the flashlight is a decent hand flashlight, or put it on the home defense shotgun. Most of the "extras" I can use on something else if I want. So I don't worry about it too much. Some of the stuff is AK specific though. I had to reconfigure my MOLLE setup to work with the AK since it was set up for another rifle, but that was changing out a few pouches so no big deal. What's a hundred bucks or s
  12. The time to think about what you will do is before it happens. You sit down and think "What if X happens?" Then you come up with a plan for X. After that you move onto Y, and so on. Maybe you keep notes, never a bad thing, or maybe you just keep it in your head. This way if/when something does happen you don't have to spend as much time figuring out what to do. It is doubtful that the plans you came up with before hand will exactly fit whatever emergency does happen, but it is likely to be close to one of them. Hell, you're plans may consist of "ride it out at home" or "Get the hell out of
  13. There are a few things I've probably forgotten, leaving off mags and eventually adding optics I'll still be in the same ballpark. I've been lucky on my other guns as far as price, even counting in ammo I don't think I've got more than $1200 in them. Hell, I bought my pickup for $500 and the repairs, second set of rims and tires brought me to about $1,000. Granted, it was only my daily driver for a year and I bought it because it was a good deal, but still. My AK cost me twice what my F250 did LOL. Now if there was just more ammo out there so I wouldn't feel bad about cracking off a cou
  14. Bleach like, it's calcium hypochlorite (HTH) while household bleach is sodium hypochlorite. The US military manual tbmed577 (SANITARY CONTROL AND SURVEILLANCE OF FIELD WATER SUPPLIES) lists mixing instructions for minimum 70% available HTH to make a bleach like solution. A rough measurement is one heaping teaspoon of HTH to 2 gallons of water or 1 rounded teaspoon of HTH to 2 gallons of water will make a solution that is basically household bleach and can be used the same way. A pound will treat 10,000 gallons of water. You can get 6 pounds (6 one pound bags) for under $30 delivered. 60,00
  15. I needed to adjust my front sight and was looking at front sight tools. As I read the views I was unimpressed with the various C style tools. Then I came across the AKFST from Magna-Matic Defense, it was pricey compared to the C style but had good reviews and sure looked much better made. Sure I could spend $5-$15 on a tool that stood a good chance of breaking after a use or two or I could bite the bullet, buy a well made tool and buy American at the same time (I try to stay away from Chinese stuff). It came in the mail today. The first thing I noticed was that it was heavy. As I opened it
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