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  1. I got the gl shock stock and adapter buffer tube to fit mine. Love it
  2. I'd love a nice red dot in that style. But can't can't find a good reliable one for a decent price. Those guys at the shows selling these cheap ones, saying how they are the best on the market are full of crap.
  3. I really like the archangel barrel shroud muzzle break combo on my saiga 12 from alumalite
  4. To answer your previous post. When I took off the tank and empties it out. We tested it and there was a lot of water in the gas. On top of a ton of debris. Clogged my fuel filter and pump. and pitted the inside of my tank. When I changed the oil last just to change it there wasnt anything out of the ordinary that I could see. I gotta get ahold of my mechanic who has it garaged up at his place because I live in a apartment. Lotta snow here in Indiana.
  5. thanks for answering my questions and for the video link. That was actually my next question whether or not I could mix the clip ons and the stick ons at a 50/50 ratio. Right now I'm just trying to sort through this big bucket full of the Weights making sure to Get out any zinc. I need to find a small portable propane stove then this whole process would be heck of a lot easier since I could just throw everything into a pot and set it for say 650-670 and let everything else just float to the top. The stick ons are pure lead right?
  6. When I took out the old spark plugs they were pretty filthy. When I looked into the valves you could see some crusty light colored gunk in two of them. Same stuff I found throughout the fuel system. When I was replacing everything. And about standing outside of their gas station with a sign that said bad gas sold here? About a month later a big storm passed through our town and completely collapsed their gas station. Karma
  7. Hey y'all. Since this my last post I've invested in a lee turret press for my 45 acp. Got a lee furnace as well. I've read tons on tons of information. However I can't seem to find powder locally anywhere. Quick question though. I got lead wheel weights from a few shops around here and I have a bottom pour furnace for casting bullets. My question is whether or not I should use this furnace to melt the wheel weights as well? I hear the dirt and debris can clog the bottom pour furnaces and that it is a safer bet to use two separate furnaces. One for melting down wheel weights and t
  8. Yes you can hear the fuel pump and everything work perfectly before trying to start. The old fuel pump you could tell was about dead. The throttle cable is to spec. Last time I checked. Because I had gone over that. The bike is currently garaged up in storage so I'll have to make it out that way this next week to do the compression test.
  9. Ton of information to look over. Thanks guys. I'll do a compression test and come back with the results. Nice looking bikes. I miss riding so much. This sucks. No comments on being able to get it to fire up and run for 5 seconds? Lol. After that Randon fluke, we couldn't get it fire up again.
  10. That was two mechanics who had that conclusion after checking it for compression. I only do bolt on stuff. Im no mechanic by any means. There was a lot of water in that gas as well. However I forgot to mention that in 2012 after I replaced the throttle bodies and fuel rails and injectors. We made progress. It wants to turn over. Its so close you can hear it. Just won't fire up We sprayed a ton of starter fluid in one night and about after about 15 times running up and down a hill road trying to get a running start. We got it to start and fire up. However it shut off after about 5 se
  11. Well here's where I am at today. Bought my bike in 2010 and within a year this problem stopped my riding in its tracks. My r6 has less than 5000 miles on it. Stock everything except for K&N air filter and Full yoshimura exhaust. Only used amsoil for changes every 3000. The problem was I stopped at a gas station on my way home I normally would never go to (Very bad area) but, had no choice. Filled up and drove home. Next morning. My bike when I started it had a low growl and chug like a cruiser if you will. I opened the throttle then it died. tried to start it again no luck. checked the
  12. i lost my healthcare and have to go through healthcare.crap now
  13. The guy is dealing with a lot of personal turmoil right now but is making progress. I know a lot of you might not care about that and just want your parts back asap which is completely understandable.. But seriously. It was worth the wait for me. He will make good on his promises believe that.
  14. I just talked to pauly and he said he had a bunch of orders ready to ship. It was well worth the wait is all I have to say. Took my saiga to the gun show. I couldn't check out a table without people asking me about it. And forget trying to get deals because as soon as they saw the saiga. They all thought I was rollin in cash. Lol
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