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  1. I want to mount my kvar brake I've had sitting around for some time 24x1.5 RH. what size TAT do I need to go with this die?
  2. Nobody buy any products from Mike now or in the future. High plains says so mmmmmkayyy. If he don't need or want em, neither do we. Mutating zombie effects may occur.....oh yeah, stay paranoid
  3. You guys paranoid much? MD is not going to stop production of a product that sells. Christ, he would have to follow through with the production of double stacks before that occured and that isn't happening anytime soon. Haven't you noticed that he popped his head in, posted a few pics and jumped back down the rabbit hole? Stay paranoid my friends... Paranoid....lol Mike said himself that he is highly considering stopping production of the md20 and sees no point why people would want them with the double stacks being released as "they will be better in every way and much more affordable"
  4. Md20 ftw!! Get lots before they're gone!
  5. Sounds like my saiga when I got it. I took out all the aftermarket parts that it came with, profiled and polished the bolt and carrier myself, lube, and kept shooting it. I was very close to pulling the gas block off as 1 of my 4 holes is ever so slightly covered by a hair, but ended up not needing to. It stopped giving me problems and I'm at 450 flawless rounds and counting! Shoots low brass of all brands. Thanks again to all the reputable and knowledgeable forum members who helped me out!
  6. Very well said. Even if the wounds aren't physical, they are definitely there! Ask a veteran, you'd be shocked to find the one who is willing to share his story. Pay your respect. Freedom is not free. Max years. M60 gunner. Boss status. Live n kickin. Thank god.
  7. That's awesome. Veterans love that you acknowledge that, especially the ones who wear it loud and proud! My father and his brother both served max term Vietnam and he absolutely loves it when people give him thanks and respect. Even a brief 5 second "thank you" makes their day!
  8. 16" barrel preferred. Converted or non. Get back to me with full details about your rifle.
  9. Yeah it definitely could be too narrow. I really had to dig that shell out. I don't have either of those but the csspec steel look nice and heard they operate great
  10. I am starting to think that this 1 particular agp mag is giving me problems, BUT it may have possibly been from bent shells from hand cycling/reloading. If it is the mag can it be rebuilt? Is it worth rebuilding? .
  11. I don't think so either since this is my first self modded gun and I've been trying to take it easy but I think my work is done, for now anyways. .
  12. I've had no previous hands on gun smithing experience til I became a saiga 12 owner and was edumacated by fellow saiga nerds. My saiga has been modded and started "running" from the work/different set ups I have read and learned about along with other advise. Just read. Just as anybody else would say. Seems to be a forum favorite everywhere.
  13. Husky tool bags are perfect size for drums, fits 4 no prob. .
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