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  1. I just went threw this The AK 74 fits the best out of them all but still needs some simple modifications
  2. Not sure never seen a vepr but is was 10-20 thousand thicker diffenitly noticeable
  3. Sort of hard to understand what your saying but I know on the saiga 308 triggers group you need to add a little bit of length to the end of the safety tab that hits the trigger or you need to add a like a 3/16 tab to the back side of the trigger were it meets the safety lever. If you want send me a message with your email or phone number and I can send you a picture of the trigger that Danzig makes
  4. I've had one of my 16" 308 saigas for quite a while now I just bought another one off gun broker for a really good deal. When I started to compare the two the newest one felt a bit heavier, after a few I measured the Barrel diameter and sure enough it's a bit thicker than my old Saiga 308. As it wasn't hard enough to get some hand guards to fit my old one with out a lot of custom work now I've got an even thicker one to deal with..what is the deal with this any info would be much appreciated
  5. 4 AK 1000 meter sites $15.00 shipped RPK site $45.00 shipped Lower HG retainer for 223/7.62x39 $35.00 shipped 2 Ace style AK bolt in rear trunnion $45.00 shipped. (Retails for $69.99) Ace bolt on rear trunnion block. $35.00 shipped. (Retail for $69.99) Everything else in pictures is sold. I'll take pay pay gift or money orders.
  6. The folder on the left has been sold the other two are complete with all hardware $60.00 shipped Galil top cover $75.00 shipped AK Tri rail top cover $25.00 shipped Black stock $40.00 shipped Cross posted I'll take pay pal money order. Looking for a few tapco single hook triggers also Thanks
  7. I did check out Danzig site and by his notes my barrel is to big for that size die.
  8. I'm looking to do my 223 and 308 saiga looking for 14-1 LH and 5/8x24 rh
  9. How can you cut 15mm on a barrel if the max for a 14/1 die is 13.98??
  10. I want to thread my 223 and 308 but have a couple questions and trying to figure out what size tap to go with and what will work on my Barrel diameter. Or will my barrel need to be turned down first 1. My Saiga 223 barrel is 15.01 mm or .592 inch 2. Still working on 308 front site to get off but what diameter does the Barrel need to be for a 5/8x24 or the 14x1
  11. Looking for a stock saiga 308 gas tube or a regular AK style one that will fit a saiga 308
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