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  1. Hi Alliance Armament will be their near the gate we would love to meet and talk with anyone having questions on the wraithmaker 20 round Drum and we will had demo their as well as some other things please stop by if you have the time. Thanks Mike SR. Alliance Armament
  2. check out www.wraithmaker.com twenty round drums and extras
  3. Hi MIke SR. Here Alliance Machine We do all the mods and more we are the home of the twenty round Wraithmaker Drum and can make the Sagia not only look alsome but go in side and make these things smoke with ten rounders our the twenty round drum call us 812-897-4908 we know these things inside out!
  4. Kmore Mike Sr. here alliance Machine how is that saiga shooting? should be getting better by the day i have had some real interesting ones here lately love the challenge we are offering saiga -12 ga. here now limited as we have the supply's we make them like you want them. Hope you enjoy your sagia as much as i do mine i and coming up on about 8,000 rounds with mine. And my wraithmaker drum i use mine to test every saiga i work on and my drum looks like new.
  5. Mike Sr. here from Alliance Machine Keep your AGP it's not the problem the saiga is and it almost seems like these things are like snow flakes no two the same . The problem lies in the saiga just remember with increased spring presure you get more drag shells differ and you need to look in several areas feed ramp,hood and extractors as well as the blot and you will solve your problems. We here at Alliance rework these things and they run great. I finished one today that wouldn't fire but one at a time of any kind and now you can fire any thing i put in it so far weather in a five or ten roun
  6. Hello This is Mike Sr. Alliance Machine look at www.wraithmaker.com and see if we can help with your saiga-12 we do all the things you need and will very soon be offering the special cut down saiga -12 or call if you just need some info and we will be glad to help 1-812-897-4908
  7. Noob go to www.wraithmaker.com and you can order a piston if you like and we can make and ship it in a few days. Cost will be between $20.00 and thirty dollars we just need to see how much involved in it. hope this helps you we need to put more American parts in our Saiga so we will also look at stocks as well. Thanks Mike SR. Alliance Machine Wraith Team
  8. Hi We will be offering the gas pistons here at Alliance Machine very shortly more than likely in a week or two and can get them out in a few days if you need them so their will be more American made parts for the Saiga. Mike SR. Alliance Machine
  9. Hi you can go to www.wraithmaker.com and we will put a video on our site next week to show the way you need to clean you Saiga because it is important to keep it clean while you shoot to keep from having jams the gas system is very important to get right and we will help you with that. We have studied this shotgun and will be showing some different ways to improve you preforamance and enjoy your shooting. Watch our site for the viedo coming soon hope this helps. Mike SR. Alliance Machine Wraith Team
  10. Hi go look at the 20 round Wraithmaker drum for the Saiga 12ga. you might just have something you can get real into with your shooting. Mike SR. Wraith Team
  11. This is responce to yesterdays posting the only date that is not got something going on is July 21st. their was one on June 9th but we just couldn't get ready in time and contact everybody so it looks like we will be looking at July 21st. I the mean time we will have already shipped our first order we do plan on getting a few to your site so you will hear from people their. Thanks Mike SR. Wraith Team
  12. we will be putting the demo time here today some time our early tuesday morning we are going to receive the conformation call from club for the firing range Thanks Mike SR. Alliance Machine Wraith Team
  13. Kmore we will be looking at the 20ga and the 410 as well. I have been very busy with the orders for the 12 ga drum and we will be posting our meet time here next week for the demo shoot for the wraithmaker Drum and i had said when we could get the range we would post it here. We have a lot of shoots here but we think we have a date we just need to confirm it and then we will let all know here. We will have this open to all that want to come and we will have several Drums their and will try to make sure all that come will get to try the Drum in their saiga. We have put over 5,000 rounds throug
  14. We would love to have you all the wraithmaker only fires 2 3/4" buckshot or any other type we have loaded into it. We don't care how fast or slow you want to fire it will handle it. We are sure you won't want to put this drum down once you have used it. Watch for our time to be posted here for the demo and thanks. Mike SR. Alliance Machine
  15. 'Bvamp' I will meet with the wraith team and discuss this, we are planning on posting the demo date on this site when we have it set and we will take by e-mail reservations to attend just need to let us know and we will have several extra drums at demo for people that want to test them. You will need to bring your own shells and shotgun. You can video your shoot if you like. We will do our best to make sure that everybody that attends get to try the drum. Our e-mail is (info@wraithmaker.com) we are trying for the first or second week of June we will keep you posted to give plenty of lead way
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