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  1. Nope, same order number I've had all along since very early 2014, February I think. I called them and was told my order number is inclusive for the first allotment of drums they will ship at the end of this week. I originally called just to update my credit card info since mine had been breached. The lady on the line asked if my order number was XXXXXX and I verified it was. She then informed me about the drum status. Still keeping my fingers crossed.
  2. Call and tell them your order number,,,they can tell you if you are.
  3. Was told today that the first batch of drums are being sent out to their distributors. Centerfire told me that mine will ship at the end of this week!
  4. Received word from Centerfire today that they are in...the first batch has been parceled out to multiple distributors and Centerfire will be sending out their allotment of drums by the end of the week...Lucky me-I am included on the first issue, so I figure I should see mine by the following Wednesday. Finally, my baby will be up to its full potential!!!
  5. Got the latest Centerfire catalog today....it's not even listed. Go figure!!!
  6. According to Centerfire Systems, the SGM Vepr 12 drums have been kicked back again with an ETA of late September/early October. There must be some serious issues going on with the R&D. Perhaps SGM should buy the $800 drum and do some reverse engineering like the Chinese do on fighter jets.
  7. A little on the heavy side, but it is solid and if the red dot goes out, I still can use the factory sights as they aren't obstructed by the rail.
  8. I don't know how the foregrip will do until I fire it, but it does feel rather ergonomic when holding on to it.
  9. I'm back from the dead...purchased a basic model Tromix from a buddy and did her up with a 12C configuration including a Russian magwell and Kobra sight.
  10. I left the site over a year ago when I had major financial problems and had to sell my Tromix. But, times have turned around and Daddy's got a new Saiga 12C. I bought someone's basic Tromix model and after much time, I finally received a 12C latch kit, a Kobra sight and a Russian magwell. Then I pimped my gun. Installed the 12C latch, and magwell(what a bitch to do!!!). Then all the bells and whistles. And the best thing about it...she's still a virgin. Plan on firing the first shot this weekend. Anyway, I'm back and glad to return from self exile. So, a big hello to everyone. Art
  11. I'll take #'s ....1010, 4994, and 2059.
  12. 1911....I am not sure whether the Diamond Grade is an XSE series. But the manufacturers # is as follows: Item #: O1070XSEDMG Description: CLT GOVT 45PST SS TALO DIAMOND Manufacturer: Colt Model #: 1911A1 Diamond Grade Talo Limited Edition Type: Semi-Automatic Pistol Finish: Bright Stainless Steel Slide w/24K Gold Scroll Receiver: Stainless Frame Stock: Rosewood, Ornate Sights: Fixed 3 Dot Sights Barrel Length: 5" Overall Length: 8.5" Weight: 38 oz Packaging: Cardboard Box with Cable Lock Additional Features 1: Slot Hammer, Series 80, Aluminum Speed Trigger Additi
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