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  1. A ) its not a pistol grip. B ) its a 12C w/19" barrel and threaded muzzle for chokes. Not a 12K. The conversion was done with a dremil and about $2.50 in hardware. C ) i live in freedom, a freedom my family and friends have died to protect, if that bugs you, move to canada. this nation was founded upon, amoung other things, liberty and resistance to stupidity, and if you cant live with that please get out- I'm a soldier serving in a combat unit of this nation's military. right now it looks like i'm headed overseas to fight someone elses war, i would far rathar end my life fighting st
  2. Well, its finished for now. After spending far more than I'd planned my Civilian OK version of the LEO Tactical gun that I posted so much of is done. Ended up having a barrel grafted back togather to Prototype #4, and it looks and shoots great. Thinking about moving on though, pretty burned out on dealing with the Saiga-12 and all the misconceptions/grey areas on it. Might trade her for a Cobray or a TEC-9 or something if I can find the right buyer....or even a CETME, those are pretty sweet looking guns. Stick a retractible stock and a 'wedge' style G3 handguard on it with a claw moun
  3. Kalinka is based out of Belarus if I recall. I ordered my PSO-6 from them a while ago, and other than having to wait three months due to their slow-boat-THROUGH-China shipping method, I got my scope and it was as-advertised. To be fair, importing things like scopes for AKs into the US isnt what it used to be. Still though, no excuse for lack of contact. I was made well aware that my shipment could be anywhere from 60-100 days from order, so I realy didnt bother with it. Tantal has EXCELLENT customer feedback, although pricer, and harder to get ahold of, I hear great things from that
  4. WTF does entering a competition for the design of a LEO shotgun have to do with being one? The shotgun was designed by me and put to practicality by myself and a gunsmith friend of mine who works for several departments on their weapons. It was built, the 10" version, under his legal umbrella, even though I did the work in the shop. Right now the last remaining prototype in my hands is having a 19" barrel grafted to it so I can have it here at home with me. All the others are either at his shop, or still out for testing. I heard a rumor that even Garry James shot one
  5. Um, how about sat down and talked to the ATF? They were one of the agencies concerned when I posted a responce to the LEO/Entry shotgun competitions Anyhoo- KY, yeah, I think they're great looking rifles. At the risk of sounding like a little kid, I want to rig one out like the G3ZF from "Stargate" (the movie, not the TV show) with the fat bottom handguards and the Hensoldt scope
  6. Looking GOOD Makc, LOOKING VERY GOOD. I finaly got to the bottom of the "thumbhole-as-pistolgrip" bit....the entire rumor started out because of an import argument- the BATF ruled that a RIFLE cannot be IMPORTED into the US with a thumbhole stock, and have it not count as a "evil feature". This has absolutly NO effect on us "guys on the ground" and was cited as a reason that no more thumbhole Romanians are seen around these days. The rumor itself was began as a way to rip customers off by making them believe that they HAD to convert all those thumbhole MAK 90s and ROMAKs to a US pistolgrip
  7. You know thats an Internet rumor? The BATF "change of heart" on "thumbhole" stocks? I've done well over a dozen conversions now, even selling some at gunshows. I know my local ATF agent REALY well and he laughed in my face when I brought this story up. Its the tin-foil hat crowd back at it again.
  8. Heh, I got one of those at a gunshow for my underfolding AKMS- thought the hole in the middle was for the tool kit O_O thats what I use it for anyhow. They can be had through K-Var. Dont recall where on their site but its there....Hungarian recoil pads or some such thing. They stink for a while, but the smell goes away eventually.
  9. Short? I found the factory stock to be uncomfortably long....but OK....try a Pachmeyer White-Line recoil pad. It aught to give close to 2" and it looks classy.
  10. Gunfighter84


    I shoot my kit built AKMS without the cover all the time (my rear trunnion ended up a few MM too far out) and I've never had any issues....just dont get in the way of the bolt.
  11. Great looking gun, if I hadnt perminantly attached my weaver rail I'd do it. As it stands I may end up buying the break and putting it on mine...
  12. Nice laser....too bad they dont make a tac-light adaptor. I had to cut my handguards a little to fit a light on my little custom gun.
  13. KYSoldier- What MOS? I spent January-May at Knox this year and am comitted never to return in the winter. I did a stint in ROTC and spent some time at Knox in the summer and was amazed at the swing in the seasons. I dont think I could ever imagine being colder....0400 formations for four hours with nothing but winter weight BDUs....<shudders>
  14. If its a pre-ban M-11 I'd snap it up, they're getting tough to find. I love mine, especially after I converted it to take a conventional type firing pin. I also have the MPA STEN lower for mine. Its the SMG I carry when I dont carry my UZI. Which I bought, incidently after recalling the line from "Patriot Games" "Americans hold their breath every time a little girl falls down a well in the backyard, and you shot at one with a submachine gun." goes nice next to the AK. My next project is a 9x39mm supressed AK to look like the VAL sniper.
  15. A bunch of us have already. Its a grey area I'm told in the end by my ATF sources. Some jackass was trying to tell me that the ATF just ruled a thumbhole was a pistol grip too, but I've never seen such a ruling, and even then it only applied to rifle stocks too so its kind of immaterial in regards to a shotgun. Once again, out of the mouth of the enforcement division localy. I shoot mine in matches all the time so if it were "wrong" I'm sure someone would have approached me by now on the firing line.
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