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  1. Saiga 12 great condition,converted ,with a lot of extra. Original MOLOT GK-1 muzelbrake (200$, if you can find them) PA red dot,5 ,10 round mags ,10 round dram, DPH Gas Plug Regulator,front grip,rubber buttpad ,sling. Love this shotgun ,hate to sell her. 1680$ shipped to your FFL, MO "I'll take it ,PM" Thanks cross posted
  2. for sale Rakurs A (military version) , great condition . 390$ shipped MP rules . I'll take it ,followed by PM. MO or PP gift Thank you http://russianoptics.net/Rakurs.html
  3. 54R light ball Sorry to hear that, in my experience Matt is the nieces guy in the business
  4. Just got a sneak peek on IWD Dragunov style PSL. Matt did it again I don’t know when he has the time to come up with all this great stuff, , Matt is a proud dad of new baby daughter , just moved to a new and improved shop and yet he came up with the amazing quality PSL/SVD stock set , don’t know when it will be in production or the price, shot him email or check his website , I am personally on the list for one set was waiting for years to get IWD made PSL/SVD furniture . Thanks IWD
  5. get them wile they available, have one for years ,zeroed once, took it of and on from my PSL never lost zero https://www.gunpartscorp.com/ad/1432290.htm hunt hogs with it, can see them ,200+yards,head shots 50-100 yards. use sticks or prone ,its one heavy sob
  6. Very good read http://www.dragunov.net/psl_tiger.html PSL and Vepr x54R are AKs on steroids , SVD/Tigr (dragunov) is different platform rifle
  7. IWD has absolutely best copy of original SVD butt stock in US, I wont say anything about Rhineland, just its different [/url] [url=http://s620.photobucket.com/user/atakacorp/media/Vepr%20X54/IMG_0554_zps2c818243.jpg.html]
  8. yes.actually pic of my vepr on their website:) . I hear its 6 month wait thou
  9. Receiver is same 1.6mm ,barrel is thicker , but most important is that gas pressure in Veper is lower than in PSL so Vepr is GTG with HB ammo Have them both, love them both, Vepr is better rifle and made in Russia
  10. PSL great rifle with x54R LB ammo you can shoot all day long and not thinking about 1$ a round ,but for that price I would try to grab Vepr 23" barrel X54R . JMHO
  11. Apex matching kit,M85 flat,Akbuilder barrel
  12. I and many others just spot heat treat our receivers with a torch and a quench bucket. Haven't had any wear problems yet and some manufacturers have made post sample machine guns on spot heat treated receivers without any problems as well. Some of these have had many thousands of rounds put threough them full auto. Mag dumps that make the handguards smoke and burn and they still work! Full heat treating does make a tougher receiver, but I doubt if you could wear one enough to tell the difference in semi auto I have. However my OCD won't let me unless I figure out how to fully heat treat i
  13. What about AKbuilder flat? Iam using M85 flat with AK47 rails for my UF RPK
  14. Just awesome ! you cant beat IWD wood, unless you have cool BFPU ones with necked chicks stickers What's wrong with original PG ? and as a wise man said JK
  15. Buds have them for incredible price .....of 1300 ,
  16. Yep, straight-cut receiver very nice ,do they say about the price range?
  17. RS AK-301 mount system and AKOG top ] New, 160$ for both shipped . PM me if you have any questions Thanks
  18. Nice!, will do mine this week, hey man let me know if you want to sell your third barrel
  19. They have M72 B1 RPK for 200$, but no barrels and people now selling crappy take of barrels for 180-200 bucks . If you got M72 barrel u should get it, great deal
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