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  1. Doesnt look like you have a problem. It looks like you may have 4 vents and thats lined up better than most of mine. You need to take into account the angle you're looking at and shadows. Do as mullet man says. Your vent is normal
  2. If you are familiar with ak47 then this is very similar. The gas system is different. The end where it's adjusted comes out for service. Take it shooting and see how it functions. Field strip it and look for cracks in the normal areas(trunions, carrier, receiver around rivits, etc). I've got one that's a single shot because it has no gas holes. It's a simple enough fix.
  3. All the way in is less gas on the factory plugs. When one of mine was new I had to back it out a full turn. You can either but a lot of buckshot and slugs and have at it tp break it in, which is fun or search for polishing the fire control group, etc, to speed up the break in procedure. Good luck, have fun.
  4. Wd is mostly fish oils. I use rem-oil pretty liberally. Its a good preservative. Not so good lube
  5. Its a Saiga not a nice Browning. I would be concerned about areas you cant see. Getting rain on it wont force water anywhere penetrating oil can't get to. Strip it down and clean your parts. Use a silicone water displacing protective spray on all those parts. Spray a good penetrating oil into the barrel/trunnion mating area and where the rear trunion meets the receiver. It will be fine. Deep breathe.
  6. Vepr rifles use thicker receivers, probably with the shotguns as well. More options as well. My opinion is that veprs are of a better quality. My Vepr rifle has a thicker barrel than regular ak style rifles. I dont have a shotgun to compare to my saigas. My opinions, others may vary
  7. Definitely, before buying any corvette join a club or forum. I'm on the corvetteforum.com and they have a list of 10 things to know or look for before buying a vette. The birdcage is the biggest culprit and its the subframe which is bolted to the chasis which holds the windshield, the passenger compartment, and the doors together. It may be different on a C4, I'm not sure, but you definitely need to talk to someone that is familar with the year you are interested in.
  8. Hagerty's values an 86 daily driver at 4,000, the next grade up is only 6,000. Craigslist in my area have them from 3k to 10k so there is a good selection, some have low miles too.
  9. C4 are the cheap ones currently. In Massachusetts C1, C2, are in the 20k+ for project cars the probably arent running. C3 project steel bumper non matching number cars that arent running are around 3k, 6k running, 10-11k for drivers, 18k+ for good shape that need minor work, 25k+ for restored that need a little work. All matching number C3 cars can start as high as 10k not running. Plastic bumper C3 are cheaper as they get closer to 82. Craigslist has a great selection around here, good cross section of ranges. Corvetteforum is a good source for local prices.
  10. I agree but I dont have a garage or a budget that big, maybe someday. Im working on the garage next spring
  11. Exactly. I want it to look stock but run better and be more reliable than stock. Of course I lose some value but I like my guns the same way. I buy stuff to use it, not stick it in the corner to look at
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