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    Gearing up for the inevitable zombie invasion and making sure all my friends are at least c ompetent with guns so i have a small zombie militia!!! untill then milk jugs and pumpkins will suffice......
  1. I truly appreciate the response gentlemen. Ive done a ton of research recently and both of your ideas crossed my mind more than once, but unless either of them participate in the barter system I'm s.o.l. until my tax return.
  2. looking to trade for a upper in 50bmg. looking for safety harbor, tactilite,als, or a patriot 50 rifle ($1750 new from gunsamerica) single shot or magfed, Must have a muzzle brake. not really looking for an 18" model the longer barrel would be better but im not completely opposed to the idea. ive got over $1000 in higher end and rare knives,tons of ammo, a couple shotguns, a set of alloy 5 lug ford tires (265/70r16 I believe) and rims,guitar/amp/equipment, maybe a xd45 or some other cool stuff depending on what you have.
  3. Looking for a.l.s. tech or similar fired aluminum casings or the nice screw apart ones if your price is right. Preferably the 209 shotgun primer style. The more the merrier I'm hoping to get them on the cheap (ish). Maybe you have connects with your local LE range where they just leave their spent casings?? Let me know!
  4. if you're interested in parting with a few of the mags separately let me know a price.
  5. looking to buy or trade for some 13rd full size mags for my xd 45 they can be used and abused and i dont care if they are blued or stainless...might even look at 10rd mags also looking for arendondo or agp extention kits. Im not looking to pay retail for used mags and especially not looking to pay uber inflated panic prices but if you've got some extras laying around and want to make a reasonable deal with a fellow brother in arms please let me know :-)
  6. id like to buy/trade for .50ae ammo. Also looking for a 10 or 14 inch barrel for the desert eagle mk19
  7. I hate to sell it but bills force my hand $150 shipped to continental U.S. must be paypal gift first ill take it followed up with a pm with your paypal email gets it and itl be in the mail 30 mins after the funds clear **Edited to show price drop
  8. I'm looking to trade for a desert eagle mark xix in .44 or .50 nothing fancy...also looking for a cheap ar.-upper no charging handle or bcg needed, and last an un converted saiga in x39 or 5.45 I've got a Remington 760 with 4 ten round eagle mags and a 4 round factory mag 30-06 a Remington 870 super mag with a 10shot tube extention,6shot side saddle,hogue overmolded Fore grip,knoxx specops recoil reducing stock,$300 in 3.5" Winchester supreme turkey shells, level 3A body armor by reliance OH izzy rock n lock 8 round s-12 mag Elcan 3.4x military optic 85% complete ar-15
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