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  1. I am pleased with the work shannon did and am 100% sure this was an issue unrelated to anything he did. He definitely went the extra mile with my parts even doing the replacements free of charge. Original bolt and bolt carrier ate eachother up after only a couple of hundred rounds of light bird loads. Work sucked today, so I'll call RAAC tomorrow when I'm in a better mood. But I suspect some of ya'll may be right with it being a barrel/bolt headspace issue.
  2. This is a brand new bolt and carrier. The bolt carrier will not fully close up with the bolt installed. With the bolt out, the bolt carrier will fully cycle. This tells me that the bolt and bolt carrier have an issue. And I think I identified it. It appears and feels like either the cam way on the carrier wasn't cut properly or the cam surface on the bolt is incorrect. Or some combination of the two. I just have no idea how to fix it. This is the replacement for the bolt and bolt carrier that tore themselves up in very few rounds. Same issue I suspect, tho at leas
  3. The DD designation comes from a redefinition of "suitable for sporting purposes" by the Attorney General. They don't have to ban those modifications at all. If the AG says any saiga with a drum, pg, rail, or folding stock is unsuitable for sporting purposes, then all saiga-12s currently equipped with any of those features will automatically become a DD. There are only TWO criteria for a DD in the NFA definition. Bore diameter greater than .500" and a finding of unsuitability for sporting purposes by the AG.
  4. AGREED 100%. Let's show some pictures of game we've taken with the S-12. Hell, even birds. I know people have the 2 rounders for a reason! Another thing. HOW ABOUT TAKE YOUR DRUM/MAG DUMP & BUMPFIRE VIDEOS DOWN OFF YOUTUBE! Replace them with videos of clay shooting and 3 gun... whatever. We need to show the sporting side of our shotguns. The ATF paper had absolutely nothing to do with fact and everything to do with propaganda. It could be the single-most popular skeet and trap gun in the USA and the ATF's paper would have been exactly the same. If there weren't any video
  5. Wow, thanks for the detailed response. Yeah, I'm lousy about cleaning it. And the last time I shot it, I had no gun lube... but I had a little bit of 30wt motor oil in my car... Guess it wouldn't hurt to buy a couple of spare extractor springs and try running a slightly shortened one, would it? Like a single coil or half a coil removed, say? I'll try the gunfixer plug with some 1 1/8 oz loads, first. On the gunfixer plug, which setting is most open? 1- or +1? Also... it's hard to tell from feel, but it feels like both those stops are right close together. Is that the cas
  6. Mr. Davidson was kind enough to send me a FREE 3 position plug ages back. Thanks again! I haven't gotten around to using it, but my saiga screws up juuust enough that I'm thinking about giving it a try. Right now, with the factory gas plug, I'm getting 1 or 2 FTEs per 20 round series with the cheapie 1 oz Federal bulk stuff. I guess my question is this: With the three position plug, am I guaranteed of at least one position with no gas restriction? Ditto for the v-plug. Or is that impossible to answer due to the random start of gas port thread on every individual saiga-12?
  7. Man, it's been awhile since I logged in here... and still no double stack mags? Sigh... I wonder what the problem is...
  8. 2036 Mike, you are a swell chap for doing this.
  9. whoa! 8 inches? Dang I'd like to see that when it's done.
  10. 3365 Come on big money!! Daddy needs a new drum!
  11. Drum is in my hot little hands. THANKS MIKE!
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