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committed a federal felony at 12:01 this morning

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Still am in possession of a bumpstock Machine gun. I guess I owe my country 10 years in club fed.

In my defense, I contacted my sheriff and asked if I could turn it in to him since the nearest atf office is over 2 hrs away. (I want a receipt)

He said, Keep it.

I guess I'll cut it up.

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I know where you're coming from, I understand.... But.

STFU and stop further incriminating yourself, here and elsewhere.

The man said, "keep it", so keep it, your sheriff's department is perhaps 2A friendly?

But seriously, STFU about it.

Just my $0.02

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I cut up 5 that I made in 2012  or 2013 yesterday I could weld them back together in another 20 minutes if I wanted to. However, there is no way that anyone could make a legal case that I am currently in possession of a bump stock.

There was a local buyback, and I would have taken the money, cause I need car parts more than toys, and frankly I would have probably donated a little to SAF or something too.

This whole thing is funny given that the average AR stock can be made into a bump stock with a stick of wood and 3 screws in just a couple minutes, or that you can make a lightning link or DIAS in under a half hour from sheet metal or wire. 

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