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I know nothing about the Russian SVD rifle. I've noticed Kalashnikov is marketing modern versions of it, but .... assuming it's a sniper rifle, I don't know how it compares to Western sniper rifles.

If it uses the same 7.62x39 cartridge as the AK-47, I don't see how they can get a whole lot more accuracy with it even with a longer barrel. I'd think a different cartridge with a better B.C. would be better. Anyway ... I do think it's a really cool looking rifle, but does it shoot well?

Just wondering. I thought I'd defer to the experts here on this forum.


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Oh, they're more than that.. The Tiger is a little less than the SVD, being the 'civilian' version of its military counterpart.  Last I checked, an SVD usually comes in around $7-8k, I believe it was.  It all depends heavily, of course, on condition and what's included.  The Chinese NDM-86, being a very good copy, isn't far off from that either.

And yes, they're all X54R.  To the OP, the Russians fielded one SVD rifleman in a squad with the intent of being a 'marksman', and the rifle being more so a 'DMR' rather than a 'sniper rifle', but with the ability to quickly remove the optic and run with their squad in closer quarters. 

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