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Hi all, 

I just bought a new Arsenal SGL 12 Saiga 12 shot gun. The dealer I bought it from tried out a 5 and 10 round mag for a Saiga and neither one fit. He also tried a Promag 20 round drum which didn’t fit. The 5 round mag the Saiga came with does fit. I’ll mention the dealer I bought it from is a gunsmith. Would anyone here have the same model Saiga and know what drums and mags would fit this gun? I’m really looking for a 30 round drum and some 10 or 12 round mags. Would this Saiga be a generation 3?

Thank you

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From the photos of Arsenal SGL 12-07, it appears as a regular Saiga...

Can you upload some photos of the magazine you have, so we could see the part of the magazine that is inserted into the receiver, so we could evaluate the possible differences between magazines and help you troubleshoot the issue?

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6 hours ago, Tom O said:

The Saiga was just shipped. I will have pictures in the next day or two. Thanks again

Does it have an AK100 folding stock? If it does then the front latch may be keeping the front lug on the mags from going in fully. Some aftermarket mags will need to be fitted at the front on the left hand side. Compare a 5 round factory mag to whatever mag you want to use and note the angle on the front lug that is present on the 5 round mag. Otherwise, maybe the mag catch needs a little fitting or the mags need fitting to the gun. If you need some help just email me and I ca tell you how to do it. evlutionz@yahoo.com

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The tolerances on the Saiga magwell are pretty loose. There are lots of really good videos out there that show you how to match up your magazines. There WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY be material that you will have to file off. I have 3 MD ARMS 20 round drums, and several 10 rounders, and all required shaping to get a quality fit. 

Don't be discouraged. once you get the first one filed down and fitted, it'll made sense that the manufactures make these specifically to be shaped for custom fit, because of the loose tolerances on these vodka guns.

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when you get your gun, with the factory mag, try to physically wrench it in place by hand. some AKM types the rivets and pins that go through the gun are set slightly off, and will make a difficult magazine lockup happen, which will go away over time. dont modify anything until you muscle the mag into place a few times... if it wont muscle in place then do the above suggested maintenance. i had this problem with my last scratch build, and it was similar to a few saiga12 issues i saw over the years, and manhandling the mag into place actually fixed it without modification to the latch tab/mag release or magwell....


edit - this is actually a good thing, you have a tight gun.....


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