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19 minutes ago, Lone Star Arms said:

Great job Chile! Looks terrific!!!

Thanks, but I'm not the one doing the work.

I sent it out, and the builder is sending me pics of the process.

Tried to give you the work.

I need an AK74/100 safety selector, you have one laying around by chance?  I'll buy it off ya.

Also, do you still need Saiga hand guards?  Believe I've S12 and rifle HGs in a box somewhere.

I don't need KUSA HGs in return.

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Hi Chile. I've got a couple of S12 take off safeties but no rife safeties at present. Still focusing exclusively on shotguns, and my jewelry work at present.

Tell you what. If you're interested, I'm happy to engrave an S12 bolt carrier face for you in exchange for some of those S12 handguards. I believe I've still got your email. Please let me know how many handguards your willing to part with, and I'll email you a prepaid label. Also a return label for your S12 bolt carrier for engraving.

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No worries, Chile. Give me a shout if you find them. Someone asked me recently what I needed them for. Handguards... 😂😂😂.

Really impressed with that build. Looking forward to finished pics!

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Thanks, yes he did.

John Sbandi is the in-house, dedicated AK builder at Middletown Firearms. He is quickly making a name for himself at the AKfiles, he's has skills, comparatively inexpensive and has a quick turn around.

The rifle is due back to me tomorrow, UPS is usually late afternoon here which means I'll have to wait a week to try her out.  But whats another week, by then the PK-01 VS will be here and that'll be icing on the cake.

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